Mass Effect Andromeda Has Starting Problems On PC

Mass Effect Andromeda Has Starting Problems On PC

Previously, Mass Effect Andromeda had a lot of issues in it that Bioware launched a massive update to fix them all. However, there seems to be another problem in effect, following the update. PC gamers found that the update prevents the game from launching.

The cause for the game’s starting problems is not known, and the solutions given for it on EA’s support page seems to not be of any help. For the time being, Bioware has suggested some workarounds for gamers who can’t launch the game on their PCs.


From my perspective, these pointers don’t even look like proper solutions. This is like every other tech support, who says “try switching it off and on”, when there is a problem. It looks as though, Bioware isn’t taking this situation seriously. Fans and gamers are outrageous due to this, and if a proper solution isn’t given, Bioware might even end up losing a part of their fan base.

With the game being released very recently, issues like this should have been foreseen and rectified before launching the update. Though problems are bound to happen, given the worst case scenario, it is important to provide relevant solutions and fix the crash. Let’s hope, Bioware solves it.

Naughty Dog’s Animator Responds To Complaints On Mass Effect Andromeda’s Animation

Naughty Dog’s Animator Responds To Complaints On Mass Effect Andromeda’s Animation

Earlier, there was a lot of controversy surrounding Mass Effect Andromeda’s animations. Fans were raging over bad facial animations of the charaters in the game. Following this news, Naughty Dog’s animation executive Jonathan Cooper, weighed in on this ongoing issue. He was the designer for Mass Effect 1.

He took it to twitter with a series of tweets, suggesting fans to stop comparing Mass Effect with Uncharted. With Andromeda offering a huge magnitude of choices to make, he says there is always a trade-off between quantity versus quality.

He further added, that the designing and animation process at Bioware is huge. It seems like Bioware has tried to address every scene by hand instead of following an algorithm. This resulted in consuming a lot of time towards the end phase of the project, resulting in the bad animations and fan outrage.

However, a former employee of Bioware had given the exact reasons as to why the animations didn’t turn up well in Mass Effect Andromeda. This employee made a lot of criticism, discussing the harsh work environments and other reasons, which led to this disaster. Read that story here.

Now, the situation presents us with two scenarios; one that supports the work of Bioware, and the other that states the reasons why Andromeda’s animations were bad. Ultimately, its the fans and gamers who need to conclude on this issue.

So, whose side are you going to take?

Here Are The Reasons Why Bioware’s Mass Effect Andromeda Was Delayed

Here Are The Reasons Why Bioware’s Mass Effect Andromeda Was Delayed

While Mass Effect Andromeda is creating much anticipation and excitement since its release today, Bioware is in the news yet for another completely different reason. The game was in development for almost five years and it seems there is a reason behind it, as per a former Bioware employee.

The former employee from Bioware’s Montreal studio claimed that the working conditions are harsh and uncompromising and suggested candidates to avoid seeking employment in the company. Conflicts seemed to be common between the Montreal and Edmonton studios, and this clash resulted in the resignation of over 16 lead developers of various disciplines across both studios. A couple of notable personalities that departed were, the game’s director Chris Wynn and former lead writer Chris Schlerf.

This alleged employee then went on to elaborate, how the managerial conflicts within the studio are handled. It seems like Bioware Montreal would put its employees in a ‘performance improvement program’, which lead to their lay-off later on, if they didn’t adhere to Bioware’s leadership rules.


Following the explanation of the conflict issues, the employee then went on to describe the harsh working conditions. The lunch break seemed to be an absolute catastrophe and would last only 30 mins. This ultimately had a negative effect on employment benefits, which were cut if the employees stayed any longer for lunch.

The employees of Bioware were prone to harassment and retaliation as a consequence of the conflicts involved. They were at the receving end of any unfortuante incident that happens with the studio. Approaching the HR department to address this issue wasn’t an option, as all claims were either dropped or not documented.

To end things, this former employee gave the company a one-star rating and added a “not recommended” tag to it.

No wonder the game was delayed and had incomplete animations with the characters.

What are your thoughts on this?

Mass Effect Andromeda’s Sarah Ryder Undergoes Changes In Facial Animation Following Day One Patch

Mass Effect Andromeda’s Sarah Ryder Undergoes Changes In Facial Animation Following Day One Patch

With Mass Effect Andromeda releasing tomorrow, the game has raked in a lot of criticism over the characters’ facial animations. Inspite of knowing this, Bioware officially announced that the day one patch will not fix this issue.

However, a redditer by the name Endorphyn, discovered that the studio might have altered the default face of female co-protagonist, Sara Ryder with the title‚Äôs day one patch. The game’s playthrough was livestreamed through EA/Origin early access and differences were seen between before and after installation of the day one patch.

Look at these images.