Know How The Game-play Of Days Gone Shifts, Depending Upon Time, Weather And You

“That’s our tagline: In Days Gone, you don’t have to go seeking out trouble, the world comes for you” – Days Gone creative director John Garvin

That tagline sounds threatening and exciting at the same time.

Now, imagine being in a quiet open world filled with zombies. You’d feel threatened, as you’d have no idea when and where, a zombie is going to run into you (I’d suggest you to wear diapers in this situation!). At the same time, you’d also be excited about killing or escaping from those zombies in all possible ways. There are different means to escape from them, and the best of all is going to be your feet (Remember rule no:1 – Cardio! You better hit the gym!).

“Why are you talking about a tagline?”, might be your question. The answer is; Days Gone is a game that completely revolves around this tagline. Nowadays, open world games are going through big transformations of how they are being represented in a more logical way. Shadow of War is a prime example of that. It hosts an intelligent Nemesis system that alters the flow of the game based on the decisions and actions you make. It is more of a ’cause and effect’ system. Days Gone has went a little further than that, and has roped in other factors that effect the game’s flow. These factors are something to be excited about and to look forward to.

Time And Weather Decide Your Fate


All open world games go through the cycle of day and night. In the other games, you might not have noticed them to much extent. But it’s not the case in Days Gone. Every single character in the game respond and react in accordance to the time of the day and weather. Some freakers (well that’s how the zombies are called in this game) become stronger during cold conditions. These fellas are often found loitering the snow-covered places. They don’t come out when its warm, as this condition is hard for them to thrive. Likewise, the time of the day plays a major role too. The marauders would do a bonfire during a cold night, and focus only on themselves and the fire. This serves as the right time to sneak up on them. You cannot sneak on them during any other time of the day, as they’ll be continuously on guard. Time and weather are factors which alter the way you approach a particular situation.

And, this brings us to the next factor…

You Can Approach In More Than One Way


If you come across an enemy camp, there are many methods to take them out. Though you rake-in your skills along the way, it might not be enough in certain situations. Such times call for an adaptation in the way you approach. For example, if an enemy camp is surrounded my cliffs, waterfalls or a bridge, you can make use of them too. If sneaking into the camp doesn’t work with your current set of skills, you can use your bike to drive up all the way to the bridge, and take them out with a sniper rifle. But then again, you need to have necessary resources to adapt. If you don’t have a sniper, going to the bridge is of no use. Putting your resources and skills to right use greatly changes your way of approach.

Extra : Enemy Snipers Can Do PPT presentations

Well, what do you expect? You don’t have a white board in a forest. You only have trees. So let’s do a business presentation with these trees, by swaying the pointer in all directions.

That’s how bad the enemy snipers are. You really can’t be any worse than them.

Coming back to the info, you can find a video below that explains these factors through a short game-play.



Bethesda Releases GamePlay Footage On Quake Champions

Bethesda Releases GamePlay Footage On Quake Champions

The name “Quake 3 Arena” brings back loads of memories. For many mid-aged gamers today, it was one of their favourite childhood FPS games. The words “frag”, “quad damage” and “gauntlet” became more familiar among the kids, through this game.

For those of you not aware, Bethesda is currently in the process of creating another Quake game called, Quake Champions.Recently, the company released a gameplay footage of its latest project, which features prominent competitive Quake player ZeRo4. The video is unedited and brings the gameplay, exactly as it is.

The video shows ZeRo4 playing a champion known as Anarki. Anarki is an Arena Lord from the good ol’ Quake 3 Arena. His main ability is called Injection, which allows him to heal himself and boost his maximum health. His passive ability increases his strafe-jump movement speed and mid-air control to bunny hop.

The arena used in the game is named Blood Covenant. Quake fans can notice some features that resemble designs from older maps like Campgrounds. It is loaded with vertical columns, balconies, tunnels, pillars, and a bridge that brings people together… for a frag or two, I mean.

Quake Champions will be a PC exclusive game and Bethesda released this trailer to announce the game’s first major tournament. The tournament will happen at Quakecon in Dallas. There isn’t any other detail about this tournament but it might happen soon after the game’s official release.

April 6 marks the beginning of Quake Champions’ closed beta and it will run through the weekend. As for now, Bethesda hasn’t decided on the game’s official launch yet.

Destiny 2’s Gameplay Event Will Go Live On May 18

Destiny 2’s Gameplay Event Will Go Live On May 18

Destiny 2’s domination over the video game media continues, as Bungie keeps revealing new information to the fans. Following the relatively important details, Bungie threw some light about an upcoming live event.

While the fans are relishing Destiny 2’s thrilling and hilarious announce trailer, Bungie revealed that there will be a gameplay livestream event held on May 18. The broadcast is set to focus on the variety of fun and action, the game has to offer.


The entire duration of the livestream will offer a peek at the game’s missions and how significantly the gameplay has changed since its prequel. The event will also show the huge difference in the interaction between the players and the game’s content. This is the very part, that the fans are excited to witness.

That being said, there might not be any considerable change in the gameplay, provided a few differences as stated before.

Agent 47 Might Cross Paths With Pokemon Go In The Future

Agent 47 Might Cross Paths With Pokemon Go In The Future

One of the main reasons why the Hitman game is a huge hit, is because it releases as a series of episodes instead of one huge game. This model is a successful innovation made within the video games industry, which is usually more prone to short-term games accompanied by few DLCs. While the Hitman series is providing its fans with many episodes and missions to play, the person behind the chilling and composed voice of Agent 47, David Bateson, announced another exciting thing about the game.

In a recent interview, he discussed about the future of Agent 47 in the series. He said that Hitman could arrive to the mobile platform, with the Pokemon-Go type gameplay.

With virtual reality knocking on the door of game developers – who knows. Wouldn’t it be extraordinary if a single-person shooter game could use the GPS technology of Pokemon GO to develop an almost live-action version of a Hitman level, where the player had to avoid being discovered in order to get close to the target – where the target had the ability to spot you before you got too close.

It seems this concept has already been discussed to some extent at the IO Interactive office. Through this idea, the Hitman series will hope to bridge fantasy and reality by letting the players choose celebrity contracts, implementing GPS functionality and the choosing the Pokemon-Go style of gameplay.

Just by imagining millions of people flooding the streets to grab contracts and carry out assassinations, sends a pulse of excitement to the brain. Though this Pokemon GO adaptaion isn’t confirmed yet, it might be a possible future case scenario.

What are your thoughts? Do you want this to happen?