For Honor’s PeaceKeeper Banned For Being Too Overpowered

For Honor’s PeaceKeeper Banned For Being Too Overpowered

For Honor is a game that demands skill and strategy in defeating your opponents. But, sometimes that doesn’t work when one of the characters is overpowered. Such is the case of the PeaceKeeper.

One of the players took this issue to the MLG forums, claiming that PeaceKeeper is overpowered. Her agility combined with her light attacks, make her an unstoppable force, regardless of who the opponent is. The light attacks are easy to execute and all that is required to win, is to keep spamming those attacks. For this very reason, she is the most commonly chosen warrior by all kinds of players.

Responding to this claim, MLG said “For online tournaments, we will try running a tournament with peacekeeper banned, and then send a poll. If the community is largely in favor of banning the hero then we will do so.”

As obvious as it was, there were multitudes of players agreeing to the ban. However, there were some others too, who wanted the PeaceKeeper to be a part of the roster. The players who refused the ban, wanted Ubisoft to tweak PK’s powers, so she can be a part of the game again.

It is yet to be seen, how Ubisoft would react to this situation. There are good chances, that a future game update would bring reduction in the powers of the PeaceKeeper.

Battlefield 1’s They Shall Not Pass DLC Arrives Along With A Free Update

Battlefield 1’s They Shall Not Pass DLC Arrives Along With A Free Update

Today, marks the arrival of Battlefield 1’s first paid DLC, ‘ They Shall Not Pass’.

The expansion is available for those who own the $50 premium pass. Everyone else can buy it after two weeks, from March 28. The pack has arrived only to the PC, while Xbox and PS4 gamers need to wait for a while. PC gamers can access the DLC through Origin.

More details on Battlefield 1’s ‘They Shall Not Pass’ DLC can be read here.

Along with the expansion pack, DICE is bringing in many updates too. Hence, the Battlefield1’s servers were taken offline to apply these updates.

Here is the entire list of the patch notes.

Battlefield 1 March 14 Patch Notes:

Resupply Timers:

  • Frag: 36 seconds
  • Light AT: 36 seconds
  • Impact: 36 seconds
  • Incendiary: 36 seconds
  • Gas: 27 seconds
  • Mini: 24 seconds
  • Smoke: 18 seconds
  • Resupplies are 3 times as fast near ammo crates
  • Reduced Smoke, Gas and Mini Grenade ammo from 2 to 1
  • Ammo pouches currently no longer resupply grenades

These changes are subject to tweaking in future releases. We are looking to expanding this system to more gadgets in the future.

MG 08/15:

  • Decreased horizontal recoil from 0.7 to 0.3
  • Full accuracy is reached one shot earlier
  • Fixed bad reload timers on M1911 Extended:
  • Tactical reload time increased from 1.4 to 1.6 s
  • Empty reload time increased from 2.3 to 2.6 s
  • Reload threshold reduced from 1.1 to 0.78
  • Fixed staged reload timers
  • Fixed an issue where the MG 08/15 would overheat much faster on PS4 and XB1 than on PC and set the new overheat threshold to 67 bullets
  • PS4: Fixed an issue where the MG 08/15 was overheating too fast and set the new overheat threshold to 67 bullets
  • Xbox One: Fixed an issue where the MG 08/15 was overheating too fast and set the new overheat threshold to 67 bullets


  • Reduced rate of fire from 450 to 360
  • Increased close range damage, allowing it to kill a healthy soldier with 4 hits within 16 meters
  • Self-Loading Rifles and Pieper M1893:
  • Made recoil decrease smoother
  • Most recoil values were tweaked, but are not comparable to previous releases
  • Updated the way the CONTROL value is calculated to better represent the amount of recoil that players have to compensate for
  • Self-Loading Rifles
  • Fixed an issue where spread would reset too quickly after firing
  • Reduced base spread increase per shot of self-loading rifles from 0.25 to 0.2
  • Decreased base spread decrease per second from 3.75 to 3
  • Decreased the spread increase per shot bonus in ADS that Marksman, Sniper and Optical versions get to maintain the old effective spread increase per shot values of 0.125
  • Added a small bonus to spread decrease per second for Marksman, Sniper and Optical versions
  • Reduced the number of magazines carried by the M97 Trench Gun by 1


  • Increased moving hip fire dispersion by 0.25 degrees
  • Fixed incorrect CONTROL values for Low Weight LMGs


  • Reduced first shot recoil multiplier from 1.9 to 1.8
  • Reduced horizontal recoil from 0.6 to 0.55


  • Reduced vertical recoil from 0.38 to 0.35
  • Reduced Experimental third shot recoil multiplier from 1.8 to 1.5
  • Doubled Experimental spread decrease per second in ADS


  • Reduced vertical recoil from 0.44 to 0.40
  • Increased horizontal recoil from 0.8 to 1.2
  • Increased Trench and Storm first shot recoil multiplier from 2.65 to 2.8
  • Decreased Factory first shot recoil multiplier from 2.65 to 2.33
  • Increased Factory recoil decrease from 12 to 16
  • Increased Frommer Stop Auto horizontal recoil from 1.0 to 1.2


  • Increased 1915 horizontal recoil from 0.8 to 0.95
  • Overheating now cancels ADS
  • Increased moving hip fire dispersion by 0.25 degrees


  • Increased Impact grenade minimum time before explosion from 0.7 to 1.0 seconds
  • Increased Incendiary grenade minimum time before explosion from 0.67 to 1.3 seconds
  • Increased Mini Grenade damage from 65 to 72
  • Decreased inner blast radius Light AT Grenades from 2.0 to 1.5
  • Decreased inner blast radius Assault AT Grenades to 1.5 from 2.0
  • Reduced Tripwire INC ammo from 2 to 1 to better account for its high damage and AOE


  • The crossbow launcher now regenerates all its ammo even when not reloaded
  • Increased auto replenish time from 15 to 25 seconds
  • K bullets now resupply in 2 s rather than 5
  • Reduced suppression by friendly gas and prevented coughing at low levels of gas suppression



  • Removed blast and impact impulse to prevent them from pushing and rotating planes
  • Reduced impact damage to planes by 50% for fighters and attack planes and by 40% for bombers
  • Fixed an issue where players could get the crosshairs back after pressing E while zooming in a vehicle in Hardcore
  • The bomber will no longer destroy certain structures when crashing in to them
  • Fixed an issue with certain vehicle gunner seats where the ADS stopped working once the weapon has been overheated.
  • Fixed an issue where the UI did not update correctly when using certain gunner seats in the Heavy Tank
  • Fixed an issue where the Armored Car turret accuracy was off, it’s now aligned with the cross hair


  • Reduced A7V flamethrower range from 44 to 24 meters to better match the VFX
  • Reduced A7V flamethrower speed inheritance and velocity and increased time to live for more predictable behavior



In addition to the End of Round scoreboard, reporting emblems is now possible to do from the in-game scoreboard as well.


The previous mid screen popup notification system has been replaced with a new notification system showing notifications in the upper left corner of the screen instead. This improvement has also solved a number of popup related issues.


Rental servers:

  • Added Behemoths and Full Magazine settings for use with Custom games
  • Improved the kick reason when banning players
  • Improved the Kick and Ban flows from the in-game admin
  • Improved error message when losing network connectivity under certain conditions
  • Rank icon for Hero Class is now displayed on the Weapons & Gadgets screen
  • Server browser limit of how many servers to show has been increased
  • Medals that are not taken are now shown as dimmed
  • Time in Vehicles is now rounded to full minutes for vehicle stats
  • Adjusted position of carousel arrow buttons on home to be less on top of the cards
  • Class Rank progression is now shown on End of Round screen
  • Speed-ups and streamlining of Battlepacks opening sequence
  • PC: Various mouse UI focus improvements


  • Fixed bug where the title could hang if losing network connectivity while matchmaking into an Operation
  • Navigating Battlepacks on Loading screen after entering a second time
  • Issue with navigating BF4 assignments from BF1
  • Rare occurrence where a number would be shown instead of game server name in the server browser
  • Utilizing $ in server filters now works correctly
  • Rare crash when watching video in the UI for many hours
  • Favorite star can now be seen when the favorite server is selected in the server browser
  • Fixed hang issue when loosing connectivity on “Get Battlepacks” screen
  • Battlepacks shortcut now updates correctly on home screen
  • Removed incorrect progress bars from vehicle stats
  • Disabled order part of commo rose in Team Death Match
  • Fixed text alignment EOR Map voting in the Arabic version of the game
  • Fixed text alignment in the Customize Soldier screen in the Arabic version of the game
  • Fixed several typos present in various Codex descriptions
  • Fixed an issue that caused the player list in the deploy screen not to be selectable as intended
  • Soldier inventory now properly displays on HUD when option is set to always show.
  • Fixed an issue where the Squad XP boost percentage number is shown out of place in the Arabic version of the game
  • Minor text changes to Achievements
  • Fixed an issue where the “Party Join” notification would still be active after the notice would disappear
  • Sidearm skins are now visible in the kill card
  • Fixed an issue where there was overlapping Arabic text on the Medals screen
  • The Grenade Crossbow now has a correct Codex image
  • Players are now rewarded with corresponding Dog Tag for obtaining Service Stars with the Crossbow Launcher
  • PC: The skip button for the Battlepacks unboxing sequence no longer appears twice when using a gamepad
  • PC: Shoulder button indicators no longer appears and disappears when using a gamepad
  • PS4: Fixed bug occurring if purchasing PS Plus while being invited to play



  • Whole Magazine Reload. This setting will discard all remaining bullets in a clip when reloading.
  • The Flare Gun is no longer available when choosing “Melee” only in the server configuration
  • Reduced the intensity of the fog on Giant’s Shadow
  • Fixed visual issue for the Medic’s syringe when used in certain indoor areas
  • Fixed an issue where the “Corporal” trophy would not unlock when reaching the unlock criteria
  • Ribbons now correctly award 500XP each
  • Fixed an issue where the player would not get idle-kicked from the server when being idle
  • Fixed an issue where the “War Bonds” trophy would not unlock when reaching the unlock criteria
  • Fixed an issue where new installation of the game and its system files would fail due to missing files.
  • Fixed an issue where the weapon firing animation becomes erratic when looking up or down.
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong thumbnail image was being shown in the Map Vote screen for Ballroom Blitz
  • Fixed an issue where it would rain inside of certain indoor areas on the Giant’s Shadow map
  • Fixed an issue where the Heavy Tank exhaust pipes would not emit smoke when used operated
  • Fixed an issue where the Torpedo Boat would not leave wreckage after being destroyed
  • Fixed some clipping issues on the Giants Shadow map
  • Fixed an issue where players sometimes would be quick matched into a server in the wrong region
  • Medical Crates no longer explode when destroyed
  • Fixed an issue where the weapon audio was muffled when spectating a player in first person
  • Fixed an issue where the gas grenade VFX would not disappear if a soldier is killed by the gas
  • Fixed an issue where a corrupted flag animation would be visible at the end of round sometimes
  • Fixed an issue where a flag would appear to be floating in mid-air on Giant’s Shadow’s C objective.
  • Fixed an issue where players would get stuck in a weird state if getting killed immediately following a revive
  • Fixed an issue where players could see through the smoke clouds caused by smoke grenades while playing on low settings
  • Fixed an issue where the screen would sometimes go dark suddenly after a bayonet charge
  • You can now melee takedown opponents who are using stationary weapons/gadgets
  • Players entering vehicles with Gas Mask equipped can now use the zoom in the vehicle gunner seats
  • Improved messaging for spectators between battalions in Operations.
  • Fixed an audio syncing issue with the Selbstladler 1906 when in the reload animation
  • Added camera movement when firing and reload sound for vehicle mounted T-gewehr
  • Added camera movement when firing for Vehicle HMG
  • Removed Camera movement when driving on the MarkV
  • Adjusted fire damage volumes across the level and reduced fire damage at B-Flag on Amiens

With these updates being applied, how excited are you to continue playing Battlefield 1?

The realm of videogame information

The realm of videogame information

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Spanish Derby at Milan

The UEFA champions league showdown at Milan was totally unexpected by the fans across the world. Bayern Munich was knocked out of the tournament and so were barcelona. These two teams bowing out was a reaal shocker. And so the final stage was set between the two best teams of this year and it was a spanish derby. It was the clash of the madrid teams of Real madrid vs Atletico madrid.

The San Siro stadium was jam packed with fans from both sides and also top officials from the board of FIFA and UEFA. Sir Alex ferguson too was spotted in the stands. This game pulled the nerves of tension and anxiety and was expected to be a cracker of a match. Real Madrid had their usual squad except James rodriguez was benched this time. Atletico had Fernando Torres playing for his home team in a big match and was supposed to be his dream to win the UEFA title with his club. More than the players and the club it was the fight between Zidane and Simeone as managers. Zidane making his first UEFA Champions League final debut as a manager and Simeone was known for his strategies and tactics. There was an opening ceremony with singers and danceres performing in front of the whole world. And then there was the ever lovable opening theme song of the UEFA Champions League as the players rolled out of the dug out and lined themselves on the pitch.

Real Madrid

G: Navas

D: Carvajal, Pepe, Ramos, Marcelo

M: Modric, Casemiro, Kroos

F: Bale, Benzema, Ronaldo

Atlético Madrid

G: Oblak

D: Juanfran, Savic , Godín , Filipe Luis

M: Saúl , Gabi, Augusto, Koke

F: Griezmann, Torres

Atletico won the toss and took the kick-off.

34 seconds into the game and koke of Atletico pulls a foul. The very signs of a controversial match was beginning to show up. As the game went on, for the next 2 minutes there wasn’t any push from both sides as they played a little relaxed giving away throws. It was the 4th minute when koke received a lob pass into the box from the wing, but mistimed the shot and hit it directly at the Real Madrid keeper Navas. 5′, Bale tries to dribble into the box through the wing but is fouled outside it by Gabi. Ronaldo takes the free kick and sends one in to Benzema who was waiting there ready to hit it in one touch. Benzema receives the ball well from Ronaldo but forget to see the GK’s position and hits it straight at him. A chance went begging.

For the next 4 minutes, Atletico control the game with their deft touches and player support, being able to rebound the ball if they lose it and still stay in possession. Real Madrid had no answer to their moves and were only able to do long counter attacks. But they fail to connect the passes owing to Atletico’s defence. 9’up and Carvajal out of frustration already dives into Antoine Griezman for a poor challenge and gets a yellow card.

Atletico are completely in control of the game with precision and amazing track back. 15′ in and there is a foul a little far from the box. Toni Kroos takes the kick and gives one in to Bale in the box. Bale facing the opposite direction from goal heads on in again into the crowd. Ramos was waiting there to pouch it but got caught in a mix up with the goal keeper yet somehow manages to touch it in for a goal.

This was a big upset for Atletico who have been playing really well through out the game. Atletico’s morale falls down a bit and they begin losing focus after the opening goal by Ramos. A couple of minutes later, Ronaldo strikes a long shot away from goal but is blocked away by Savic. Atletico now fight back strong taking up the posession from Real again. Pepe and Ramos are once again solid at defence for Real Madrid. Shots and through balls have been raining in on the Real defence. The skipper himself makes it a point to put his body on the line to block them away.

33′ now on board and Griezman is surrounded by RM’s defences but still takes a curved shot at goal. It lands into the keeper’s hand out of lack of accuracy and pressure from the defence. All of Atletico’s attack till now was triggered from behind by Filipe Luis. He has been doing all the work in the left back position defending and also making slick crosses in and around the box. The only problem at hand for Atletico was they fail to take their chances. They had more shots on goal and also kept Real’s defences on their heels all game.

42′ up and Gabi finds a way to pass the ball to Griezman standing amidst a crowd of Real’s defence again. Once again Griezman fails to get enough space to take a precise shot at goal. The game goes into half-time with Real leading Atletico by the only goal Ramos scored before. Gabi and Luis put on an amazing show for the defence and midfield throughout the first half but their team had little to show for it.

A minute into the game, Atletico keep their hopes up and attack at full. Pepe makes a clumsy foul on Torres inside the box for a penalty. Griezman steps up to take the penalty and accidentally hits the cross bar to everyones dimay. No one ever thought he’d mess up a clean penalty like that. It was a glorious chance to equalize.

53′ on and its Atletico’s corner. A nice chance to equalize again. Real’s defence fail to deal with the corner only to be received by Savic near the post but his touch for goal misses the bar. A near miss for Atletico again.

Real try to push on as Atletico were too strong on the attack pressurizing them from all directions. Kroos runs down the wing and sends a cross flying in but it misses everyone on its way. That was a chance for them to take the breathing space by 2 goals to none. Atletico’s midfield proved real strong and had immense player support. Griezman, Gabi and koke make beautiful one-two touches and back passes and frustrate their opponents. Real Madrid’s defence is in total chaos and has no answers for these deft touches.

58′ up and Carrasco, who was just substituted in took a volley straight and fails to connect properly for a goal. A nice chance goes begging again for Atletico. Now Real Madrid picks up speed and try to do more of attack. On the other hand Atletico do not back down for Real to start attacking. They too made a lot of counter attacks back and forth, making the game more interesting.

69′ on the board, Ronaldo runs in behind the defence with nice skills but is picked off towards the end. And by the time, Isco replaces Kroos and Vasquez replaces Benzema while Ronaldo is moved as the striker.

A few minutes after, Bale crosses one into the box but is parried away by the keeper. Marcelo rebounds it and strikes one at the goal yet again is blocked by savic’s exceptional defending. This time Bale himself rebounds again and shoots one at goal. Still it proved not good enough to beat the defence. Atletico were strong on all forms of the game.

11 minutes left for full time and end of game, Juan fran comes out of nowhere and crosses one into the box to Carrasco. He does a one touch with his left foot for a goal and the equalizer. Finally the game was picking up. A huge roar broke out at the equalizer, as everyone thought it was over with only 10 minutes left for the game to end. Simeone was pumped up and kept pushing his players forward. A delightful goal for atletico.

A couple of minutes later, Juan fran crosses one in again but this time Torres fails to connect properly missing the goal. From now on the play starts to get desperate, as both teams fought hard to score the winner before this match went into extra time. The stoppage period was on for 2 minutes and the players frustrated pulled out many fouls on each other. These fouls were avoidable and reckless. Ramos and Carrasco get yellow for poor challenges. The game then moves to extra time. The players are really exhausted and a few were taking up massages and therapies to make their feet feel alive again and ready for the next 30 minutes of play.

Extra time was slow yet anxious as all of them on the field were quite fatigued. Nobody took a chance of running fast and scoring the winner but this time relied on slow team work instead. Back and forth they play at a slow pace, defending each others’ goal. From now on it was a pschological game, no more a physical one. So the game still poised 1-1 goes into the penalties session.

Take a look who turned out with the win.

Understand the fat problem

When the eyes look down upon the body, for many people it always remains a delirious view. A bulge that blocks the line of sight to the feet that also breaks mirrors in frustration. This might have always lead to trying out various excerices and diet plans on how to reduce it. But mostly they’ve all resulted in failure. The reason would always because the problem isn’t properly understood so as to choose the proper diet.

The most common advice is to do cardio and run miles every single day. After days and weeks of running, the legs tiring themselves everytime crying out in pain while the heart decides to suicide by jumping out of the body. The hardwork the body put in will of course have its good effects, but when the change is not being felt or seen which happens to be the most common case, it has got nothing to do with the type of exercise or workouts done but the food. The culprit behind all these is nothing but

The term “calories” is the most talked term out there. It is true that when calories consumed is lesser than that of calories burned a change happens over the body in the form of weight. But fat would still remain. The weight that burned would be muscle and body mass. Removing carbs from the diet would be the best plan.

The body generally gains energy from two sources. Carbs and fats. The glycogen (Chemical term for carbs) providing the fuel as the primary source of energy and fats serving as the secondary. Picture this.

  1. There are two tanks. The fat is the bigger tank and above it is the comapratively smaller glycogen tank.
  2. The glycogen tank gets filled up due to carbs intake.
  3. Excessive intake of carbs leads to a spill-over or overflow of glycogen into the bottom fat tank.
  4. This would add to the filling the fat tank apart from manual consumption of fatty foods.
  5. More amount of fat stored, more energy but at the same time more groggy and bulkier look for the body.


This would probably give an idea of what exactly has to be done.

  1. Cut the carb intake totally.
  2. Every time when cardio or HIIT (High intense interval training, will be talked in detail in later article) is done, the body consumes the carbs as fuel for energy.
  3. When there is no intake of carbs and more workout, the body starts to slowly deplete the carb tank off glycogen.
  4. Hence there would be no spill over, and this process continued untill the carb tank is totally depleted of glycogen.
  5. Once this happens, the body searches for another source of energy as it is not depleted of glycogen. So it comes to the fat tank.
  6. Keep the workouts consistent and going so that now, the body utilizes the fat as its source of energy. This is where actually the real fat burning process starts.

And doing this on a regular basis for a few weeks to months which depends on the body type and varies between people, all the fat can be burned. Then the body looks lean and gains definition.

Stay tuned to know what and how to eat to maintain the body after reducing fat. This would be the second problem, as the mind goes out of control and wants to have all the tasty food in the world.