Playstation store deals for this week

Playstation store deals for this week

This week, Playstation 4, Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita brought sales to the Playstation store, when their deals went live.

Deals were for rockstar games, anime games and deals only for Playstation Plus members. The PS Plus deals comprise of PS VR games. The following are the ones that fall under the PS Plus deals.

  • Thumper for $16
  • Rise of the tomb raider for $30
  • Star Wars:Battlefron for $10
  • Keep talking and nobody explodes for $10.49 and
  • Headmaster for $14

For the Rockstar deals, you get

  • GTA5 for $30 on PS4 and $20 on PS3
  • Max Payne, Bully and Read Dead Revolver each for $10.(PS2 on PS4 games)

Anime sale includes,

  • Dragon Ball :Xenoverse for $10 on PS4
  • Dragon Ball : Xenoverse 2 for $40 on PS4 and $7.49 on PS3

Go grab ’em while you still can.


Cross-play games in the pipeline for Xbox

Cross-play games in the pipeline for Xbox

This week, Microsoft made cross-play multiplayer support available for Gears of War 4. This allowed Xbox players to play against PC gamers.

Phil Spencer went on to confirm that, there will be more games added to the list of cross-play games. He was quoted saying, “I hope so. That’s our goal” to fan when asked if more games would support cross-play. However, he also mentioned that Halo-2 will not join the party due to engine compatibility problems.

Another fan took it out on twitter to ask about Spencer about the Project Scorpio’s preorder. This was his response…


He just told the person to wait until they launch the games on Scorpio. Now, this could mean many things. Either, Microsoft wants to check and address early issues with Scorpio or they might want to boost their initial sales by letting the people see the glorious features of it.

Xbox players are excited for this project, due to its cross-play and many hardware specific features.


You got just 2 days to buy this deal

You got just 2 days to buy this deal

The Playstation VR’s rival Oculus Rift has a special discount on its headset.

In the UK, the headset has £50 off from its regular price and the price is available only for 48 hours at Currys and John Lewis. After the discount, the price is £499 which is probably the lowest you can come across.

Here is the deal : Get the headset here

Oh!, and I almost forgot, the rift comes with additional sound system which means there is no requirement to buy additional headphones.

Here is what you can know about Project Scorpio

Here is what you can know about Project Scorpio

We gamers know that Project Scorpio is an upgrade to Microsoft’s Xbox one and is scheduled to release in some months. Since this announcement, there have been speculations on its specifications and details. Much to our delight, those speculations have been put to rest with an important leak.

The leak began when a whitepaper, an official document, was passed on by Microsoft to developers around the time we have E3 in 2016. From there, it continued to spread to outside sources. So, here we go. I’ll break it down to make the read easier.

  • The GPU within the Scorpio runs at 6 teraflops and the overall computing power of the GPU is about 4.5x the Xbox One.
  • The GPU will feature 4x the L2 cache of its predecessor.
  • ESRAM will be removed from the Scorpio. It was known to speed up the processing even with the inclusion of GDDR3 RAM. But this time, it is going to be excluded.
  • The GPU will comprise of the Delta Color Compression, which is a lossless compressor adapted for 3D rendering that reduces required bandwidth.

These details might not sound much, but Eurogamer pulled this piece of info off from the whitepaper.

We acknowledge that developers may not wish to spend all of the additional GPU resource of Project Scorpio on resolution, and this is not mandated. To make the best games possible, developers will inevitably spend GPU resource on other quality improvements such as higher fidelity shadows, reflections, texture filtering and lower draw distances. Another option developers might consider is frame-rate upscaling – running graphics at 60Hz but the CPU at 30Hz and interpolating animation

This would mean that, the console might not be a 4k machine. The entire piece speaks for itself. This is a big let down, as fans were expecting the true 4k resolution for Scorpio.

Now that it has been leaked, Microsoft may have other plans of change in mind to keep the curiosity high and provide a different console than expected. Only time will tell.

Best 4k gaming deals for consoles

Best 4k gaming deals for consoles

Recently, 4k consoles like Ps4 pro and upcoming Xbox one Scorpio are gaining recognition and momentum. Console gamers are awaiting for opportunities to snatch a price deal when it comes around the corner. Samsung, getting the vibes of this situation made a good 4K deal.

Here is one deal : Samsung 65″ Class KU7000 4K UHD TV now $1,299.99 at Samsung

Go grab it and enjoy your 4K gaming.

Terrifyingly good deals for Resident 7

Terrifyingly good deals for Resident 7

Your excuse for not having enough money to play this horror game is over. The online stores have made a huge price cut on this game and they are offering it at just 15 bucks.

The top deals for the game.

But you might ask if there is a bundle deal for this game. The answer is YES! When you buy this game from us, we also offer a toilet paper bundle for free. You might need it when playing this game.



Just in case if you are looking for a tech bundle, we have that too.

  • PS4 Slim (Black) : This comes with PS4 slim along with resident evil 7 and a dual shock 4 controller, all for just at £299.99 from Argos.
  • PS4 Slim (Glacier white) : A glacier white colored PS4 along with resident evil 7 at just £299.99 at Smythstoys.

Terrifying deal isn’t it?

2 new Xbox one S bundles announced

2 new Xbox one S bundles announced

Today, Microsoft announced a biggie to all Xbox fans.

A couple of Xbox one S bundle deals will be available soon. One of them comes with Halo Wars 2 and other bundle comes with Forza Horizon 3. Both are rated at $350 each. They will be available for sale from February 17, 2017.

The $350 Halo Wars 2 bundle comes with 1 terabyte X1S console and the ultimate edition of the game itself. The latter will grant gamers, 4 days of early access, a seasons pass and a bonus copy of the game’s Definitive edition. Standards include the wireless controller and 14-day gold membership for Xbox Live.


Surprisingly, Forza Horizon 3 comes with two price points : $300 for the 500GB Xbox One S console edition, and $350 for the 1TB edition. Either way, you can be benefited depending upon the amount of space you require. Finally, the standards comprise of the same set as the Halo Wars bundle.

In my opinion, the $350 price is a good deal with the inclusion of 2 amazing games under it. You can experience either of them in the 4k blu-ray definition on their home consoles.

With the Nintendo Switch joining the competition, Microsoft has made the correct move to keep their Xbox sales up.


Here is how much, Nintendo Switch will sell in 4 years

Here is how much, Nintendo Switch will sell in 4 years

Being a handheld hybrid, there were speculations that the Nintendo Switch will not go good in sales. This prediction was based on the reflection of Nintendo Wii-U, which only sold a little over 12 million units during its entire existence.

To bring back the fortunes and to get back in the race with PS4 and Xbox one, Nintendo has applied more focus on home console portability, a renewed online presence and a consistent support.


Supporting this fact, DFC Intelligence, an analysis firm has predicted that Nintendo Switch Console will have 40 million units sold in the next four years. PS4 and Xbox one already hit that mark within the same span of time. The analysts say that Nintendo Switch will also join the sales race from its time of release.

Here is what the DFC intelligence report said :

Demand is expected to be strong and the major issue will be whether the system can attract a broad audience starting in the holiday sales season of 2017. The Switch is a compelling piece of hardware that could potentially reach a much larger addressable market. However given the limited software and Nintendo’s poor recent track record of introducing new products we have tempered our forecasts to be conservative.

12 million units will be made available for launch of the device. I am not sure how much of them will be sold.

Do you guys think, the Switch will sell 40 million?



Illustration brought to VR

Illustration brought to VR

Ever heard about “Illustrations” and “Drawings”?

It might ring a bell or two. Arts class and competitions in school, 80s and 90s tv cartoons are a few things that might come up in your mind. We thought that era was over, more than a decade back. But it is going to live on today, in the form of virtual reality.

That’s right! Oculus took the initiative make a short film with illustrations, which can be viewed in the VR platform. They built a new VR tool, particularly for this purpose and they named the drawing software called “Quill”. The short film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and is made available on the Rift today.

Here is a tease at the short film.

“Dear Angelica” is about a young girl who is trying to put up with her film star mother’s death. As she dives into nostalgia, by watching her mom’s films, they are made into drawings and illustrations before your eyes.

While the film isn’t long, viewers can still pause in between and experience the beauty of interactive motion comic. The voice work and sound design make the film more immersing and moving at times, being a grief based story.


Oculus’ first move with VR illustration is exceptional. Just like how Disney’s first cartoons were static, this film is also static. However, it is an exceptional accomplishment by making the transition, to bring it to the virtual reality for the first time ever.

If you own an Oculus Rift, you can expect a fully animated experience of the drawings in the near future.