Destiny 2’s Gameplay Event Will Go Live On May 18

Destiny 2’s Gameplay Event Will Go Live On May 18

Destiny 2’s domination over the video game media continues, as Bungie keeps revealing new information to the fans. Following the relatively important details, Bungie threw some light about an upcoming live event.

While the fans are relishing Destiny 2’s thrilling and hilarious announce trailer, Bungie revealed that there will be a gameplay livestream event held on May 18. The broadcast is set to focus on the variety of fun and action, the game has to offer.


The entire duration of the livestream will offer a peek at the game’s missions and how significantly the gameplay has changed since its prequel. The event will also show the huge difference in the interaction between the players and the game’s content. This is the very part, that the fans are excited to witness.

That being said, there might not be any considerable change in the gameplay, provided a few differences as stated before.


Destiny’s Age Of Triumph Has An Easter Egg Reference To Peter Dinklage

Destiny’s Age Of Triumph Has An Easter Egg Reference To Peter Dinklage

If you are new to Destiny, you might not know that the famous Game Of Thrones actor Peter Dinklage, was the voice actor for the iconic character Ghost. However, the game’s developer, Bungie was not satisfied with his voice over and decided to replace him with another voice actor.

It has been two years, since Peter Dinklage was dropped from voicing over Ghost. Nolan North was the artist who took over the role after Dinklage left. Just as fans thought, they had heard the last from Dinklage, a Destiny gamer found an easter egg in reference to him.

The easter egg, which is a part of the Age of Triumph event, features Dinglage’s iconic line, “The Wizard came from the moon”. His voice can be heard momentarliy, before Ghost clears his throat and Nolan North’s voice takes over.

Though the fans prfer Nolan’s voice over than that of Dinklage’s, it is a good fun-addition to the new event. It will be interesting to see Bungie, rope in more hidden easter eggs in the game. With Destiny 2 officially confirmed, easter eggs will be pretty common in it, with many references to any previous event or character.

Red Dead Redemption 2’s Official Release Date Confirmed?

Red Dead Redemption 2’s Official Release Date Confirmed?

Here is what’s been going on with our favourite upcoming wild west game, Red Dead Redemption 2.

The official release date has already been set to fall 2017. When the fans were laid back, waiting for the exact date to be announced, a Polish retailer just let out a big hint on the very same information. A release date of October 3, 2017 was seen on a MediaMarkt’s listing (the retailer). When MediaMarkt was questioned about its legitimacy, the retailer responded that game’s distributor had informed the store of the new date. The rough translation of the Polish email reads, “I would like to inform you that our marketing department was informed by the distributor of the game that its airing date is 3rd of October 2017”.

But, ever since this response from MediaMarkt, the retailer has changed the date back to its standard placeholder of December 31, 2017. Furthermore, they claimed that the release date of October 3 was an error.

Nobody is sure if this is really true, or it may be one of the occasions where MediaMarkt is trying to run for cover, having leaked an important information. However, as fans, we can ponder and see if the aforementioned release date is feasible. Having said that the game would release in Fall 2017, and also that the first part of Red Dead Redemption released in September 2013, October 3 just look like the “happening” date.

It can’t be said for sure, that Rockstar might react to this controversy and change the release date. That would be their decision, and fans need to wait for their official announcement, while we speculate over this topic.

Naughty Dog’s Animator Responds To Complaints On Mass Effect Andromeda’s Animation

Naughty Dog’s Animator Responds To Complaints On Mass Effect Andromeda’s Animation

Earlier, there was a lot of controversy surrounding Mass Effect Andromeda’s animations. Fans were raging over bad facial animations of the charaters in the game. Following this news, Naughty Dog’s animation executive Jonathan Cooper, weighed in on this ongoing issue. He was the designer for Mass Effect 1.

He took it to twitter with a series of tweets, suggesting fans to stop comparing Mass Effect with Uncharted. With Andromeda offering a huge magnitude of choices to make, he says there is always a trade-off between quantity versus quality.

He further added, that the designing and animation process at Bioware is huge. It seems like Bioware has tried to address every scene by hand instead of following an algorithm. This resulted in consuming a lot of time towards the end phase of the project, resulting in the bad animations and fan outrage.

However, a former employee of Bioware had given the exact reasons as to why the animations didn’t turn up well in Mass Effect Andromeda. This employee made a lot of criticism, discussing the harsh work environments and other reasons, which led to this disaster. Read that story here.

Now, the situation presents us with two scenarios; one that supports the work of Bioware, and the other that states the reasons why Andromeda’s animations were bad. Ultimately, its the fans and gamers who need to conclude on this issue.

So, whose side are you going to take?

New Posters Surface Suggesting The Arrival Of Destiny 2

New Posters Surface Suggesting The Arrival Of Destiny 2

Earlier today, the Xbox fans saw the leaked image of Xbox games with gold for the month of April. Later in the day, a couple of potentially legitimate posters and promotional artwork surfaced online, that revealed the arrival of Bungie’s Destiny 2.

Take a look at this pic.


This image shows the release date at the top of the poster as September 8. Apart from the release date, there are Italian words seen in the poster. One of them says, “beta in anticipio”, which means “beta available in advance” in Italian. This would mean, that the fans would able to play the game before hand, prior its official release.

As the left portion of image shows, this pic has leaked out of the Gamestop office in Italy. If fans look closely enough, there can be another Italian phrase seen which reads, “lega dei guardiani” in the lower left box, which means “alliance of the Guardians”.

Though these posters and information seem legit, the arrival of the game cannot be confirmed unless Activision makes an official announcement. But, many opinions and theorists that were formed out of this poster leak, suggest that there would infact be a sequel to Destiny. After all, Activision did say that the game’s release date will be falling later in the year of 2017.

Ubisoft Announces A TV Show For Assassin’s Creed

Ubisoft Announces A TV Show For Assassin’s Creed

Many Assasssin’s Creed fans were awaiting this good news to come along and it finally has. Making a TV show based on the game sounds much better and makes perfect sense, instead of focussing on short-run movies. This would probably increases the Assassin’s Creed fan base through the TV show and also would act as a visual treat for the already existing fans.

During a recent Ask Me Anything (AMA) session, the game’s head of the content Aymar Azaizia responded positively to a fan’s question on an Assassin’s Creed TV show. He further explained, that the production process of this TV show will take a lot of time, as it is important for Ubisoft to provide a series that is worth watching. But, no other information was provided by him. Questions on the show’s actor who will play the protagonist, the in-game character of the assassin and the ancestors, were all left unanswered. Suspense and curiosity is essential for a show’s success, as the thrill will wear off, if every detail is disclosed.


Speaking about success, fans also asked if the TV show will succeed unlike its movie counterpart. The movie was a big disappointment among the fans and received poor ratings and more criticisms. Azaizia’s comments show hope, that Ubisoft is taking much time and consideration into the show, to provide a proper and a blockbuster TV series.

It is pretty clear, that the game turned a bit redundant with many sequels of it releasing on the gaming platforms. So, it is obvious the fans would expect something different out of a movie, which it didn’t. Now, with this announcement, their expectations will be even higher than ever.

Let’s hope, Ubisoft doesn’t make yet another failure out of Assassin’s Creed TV show.

Here Are The Reasons Why Bioware’s Mass Effect Andromeda Was Delayed

Here Are The Reasons Why Bioware’s Mass Effect Andromeda Was Delayed

While Mass Effect Andromeda is creating much anticipation and excitement since its release today, Bioware is in the news yet for another completely different reason. The game was in development for almost five years and it seems there is a reason behind it, as per a former Bioware employee.

The former employee from Bioware’s Montreal studio claimed that the working conditions are harsh and uncompromising and suggested candidates to avoid seeking employment in the company. Conflicts seemed to be common between the Montreal and Edmonton studios, and this clash resulted in the resignation of over 16 lead developers of various disciplines across both studios. A couple of notable personalities that departed were, the game’s director Chris Wynn and former lead writer Chris Schlerf.

This alleged employee then went on to elaborate, how the managerial conflicts within the studio are handled. It seems like Bioware Montreal would put its employees in a ‘performance improvement program’, which lead to their lay-off later on, if they didn’t adhere to Bioware’s leadership rules.


Following the explanation of the conflict issues, the employee then went on to describe the harsh working conditions. The lunch break seemed to be an absolute catastrophe and would last only 30 mins. This ultimately had a negative effect on employment benefits, which were cut if the employees stayed any longer for lunch.

The employees of Bioware were prone to harassment and retaliation as a consequence of the conflicts involved. They were at the receving end of any unfortuante incident that happens with the studio. Approaching the HR department to address this issue wasn’t an option, as all claims were either dropped or not documented.

To end things, this former employee gave the company a one-star rating and added a “not recommended” tag to it.

No wonder the game was delayed and had incomplete animations with the characters.

What are your thoughts on this?

Modders Bring The World Of Red Dead Redemption To GTA V

Modders Bring The World Of Red Dead Redemption To GTA V

PC gamers were frustrated over Rockstar Games’ decision to launch Red Dead Redemption only for the consoles. There was a time, when they wished that there existed a compatibility tool or a mod to play Red Dead Redemption on PC.

“Wish granted”, said the GTA V modders.

When it comes to modifications, GTA V modders are gods. We have almost seen everything come to this game, from dragon ball z, x-men, harry potter and many more. Now, this group of modders look to bring the Wild West action to the GTA engine.

On the verge of completion, this mod is aptly titled as “Red Dead Redemption 5”. Since, it is not a good idea to bring the mod to GTA Online, online multiplayer will be made available, through third party clients. Right now the team is working on cracking the code to import assets from the Xbox 360 version of Red Dead Redemption into their PC-based engine. This task would apparently take a lot of time to accomplish.


The group has to reverse-engineer the encrypted files present in the consoles, through executable files. Once they break through the encrypted files, they’ll have to hash it and re-code it.

With the beta of this mod arriving this summer, millions of players can be expected to download and play it . How excited are you, to see this happen?

Straight Out Of Horror Movies – MLB The Show 17’s Character Visualizations

Straight Out Of Horror Movies – MLB The Show 17’s Character Visualizations

All of us have seen many types of glitches across various games, but none of us have seen something like the ones produced by MLB The Show 17. The glitches made the players look like abominations right out of a horror movie.

The Sony Interactive Entertainment developers were doing a livestream, showcasing some of the core facets of the game. During the ‘graphical improvements’ section of the stream, they tried to show the hard-earned results of the game’s development, but unfortunately it began on the wrong note. While they were just trying to replicate life-like faces and facial hair styles of the MLB’s players, they ended up creating a couple of frankenstein-like monsters.

The first one may be called as ‘Coconut husk’. This one has no face and has straw like hair sticking out of every part of the head. The other one is being called as ‘Lumberface’, whose head looks like its been stacked with heaps of lumber. For some others, the second one looked like a pile of dead tree leaves stacked together.

The developers explained, that these glitches occured through normal means. They didn’t go on about volunteerly creating these abominations. The first glitch was merely a result of hair streatching over all areas it shouldn’t have, which included the face. The second glitch was unexplainable even by the devs, and it seemed like the engine went out of phase.

Despite this mishap, it can be said that these glitches won’t exist in the real game. They have been patched over a long time back, but still exist in the developmental phase of the game. However, there are many chances that several other funny glitches might turn up during the final game.

Though San Diego studios were enthusiastic in sharing the dev images and scenes to its community, the current environment surrounding this video is hostile. The fans were going nuts over these visuals. It might be good for the devs to concentrate more on the positives and release videos which they see good post glitch-checking.

With MLB The Show 17 set to launch on March 28, 2017 exclusively on the Playstation 4 platform, what are your thoughts on the game’s glitches?

The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild Gamers Translate A Mysterious Language

The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild Gamers Translate A Mysterious Language

Gamers are the best detectives and investigators of the digital world. Almost nothing can escape their eyes when it comes to hidden messages or secrets and foreshadows of characters or sequels. The latest discovery made by the nintendo gamers, is a mysterious language present in the game, ‘The legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild’.

Discoveries and improtant information are often revealed on the gaming community of Reddit. Likewise, a reddit user by the name sparkthedarkness shared some images showing the translation of the Sheikah language.


With this translation image going viral among the Nintendo fans, players are putting it to good use, to uncover important information scattered around in the game. One of the gamers found that the game’s special edition box features the looping phrase “The Hyrule Fantasy” in the Sheikah language. Others are using the translation to find the memories located in different areas of the map.

This is the first discovery made in the game, while a few others might follow soon. Any further updates on other discoveries will be posted here. So, stay tuned.