Destiny Meets The Division In Bioware Edmonton’s New IP Game

Destiny Meets The Division In Bioware Edmonton’s New IP Game

Your first expression upon the seeing this title might be, “WHAAT!!?”

Hold on! Let me explain.

We all know, that E3 is just a couple of months away and EA is making the necessary arragements for this massive event. EA will host its own show as a part of the E3 and is looking to showcase some of the upcoming games, including the latest IP from the Mass Effect team at BioWare Edmonton codenamed ‘Dylan’.

For those of you not aware, IP’s expansion is Intellectual Property. Every newly produced game is an IP and IPRs (Intellectual Property Rights) helps to protect game data from leaking. The pubic figures who work in the game industry should comply with these terms and use the IP codename to talk about a game under production.

The IP codenamed ‘Dylan’ is under development since 2012 and until recently there were no sorts of leaks. However, we know nothing lasts long and so does the IPRs protection. In a latest report by Liam ‘Unseen64’ Robertson in his podcast, Dylan is a massive sci-fi inspired game, which will tap into the MMO-lite market, currently held by games like Destiny and Tom Clancy’s The Division.

Dylan is, from what I understand, a sci-fi themed game, it is sort of Destiny-style, takes some elements from The Division, it has like MMO elements. Someone described it as a ‘semi-MMO’.

I don’t know much more than that… it is a huge scale project, perhaps the biggest BioWare has ever done. It’s bigger than Mass Effect Andromeda, considerably so. It will have co-op.

No further details were provided by him, yet this small bit of news is good enough to break the silence to the fans. By the sound of it, it would attempt to take control of both single player gameplay and the MMO arena at the same time. With elements from both Destiny and The Division, Dylan might be the grandest game of them all.

The game will be revealed at the E3 and will be released sometime next year.


From Soldiers To Players – Battlefield 1’s Glitch Nightmares

From Soldiers To Players – Battlefield 1’s Glitch Nightmares

It is often said, that soldiers on the battlefields have nightmares about the wars. But, none would have guessed it’ll have the same effect on Battlefield 1’s players too. A quite popular glitch in the game is inflicting such horrific experiences for the gamers. It is all because of a violent plunge of a player, across the map.

Check out this gif.


Initially, the player is seen in a cloud of yellow fog. This might be due to the gas grenade. Once out of the fog, a target is seen at the top of a cliff. At the first zoom in, there is just that one target. But, at the first zoom out, another man is seen standing beside the previous one.

To clear the doubts, the player zooms in again for the second time and doesn’t find the standing man on the cliff. Then, a third zoom in finds the standing man still visible, unlike the first two attempts. But, a third zoom out pulls the targeted man straight back at the player. The target is seen shooting through the air, in an unexpected turn of events, and he stabs the player for the kill.

Any person playing this part of the game in the depths of the night, all alone, would have certainly felt an increase in their heartrates.

The simple explanation is that the figure on the ridge, lagged a bit and the server readjusted their position, but there are several inconsistencies. However, since there is no official explanation of the glitch from DICE, players are filled with doubts and questions for the frequent occurence of this glitch.

Battlefield 1’s greatest advantage over other FPS, is its visual features. DICE went to the extent of creating a mode called Fog of War, to provide a fog based gameplay experience for the players. But, many feel that DICE literally took the Fog of War to the next level by implementing scary moments like these.

Lighter moments aside, DICE has to address this glitch soon and let the players feel safe again.



Here Are All The Technical Details You Should Know On Project Scorpio

Here Are All The Technical Details You Should Know On Project Scorpio

Recently, Digital Foundry was invited by Microsoft for an exclusive preview on the technical details of the next Xbox console, Project Scorpio. The technical specs revealed are just expected numbers to be delivered at the console’s launch and doesn’t represent the final product. The reason behind it, is Microsoft’s aim is not just about performance, but also to push the quality of the console design to the next level.

The Highlights

Microsoft set a design target for Project Scorpio at last year’s E3 event and has achieved it by combining smart design with horsepower, to result in a performance that boasts six tera-flops. This was achieved by pairing the GPU with 12GB of GDDR5 memory and a custom eight-core CPU and entire setup is housed in a compact body with integrated power supply.

Performance-wise, they did a remarkable job when Forza Motorsport demo was able to run at an easy 60FPS in native 4K and also at Xbox One equivalent settings. This will only lead to prove, that Scorpio will have some power left to focus on more visual improvments, while it still hits the native 4K target. Microsoft is also addressing the 1080p users, to make sure all game modes are available to them.

The Technical Specs Of Project Scorpio

Let’s compare the specs between Scorpop, Xbox One and PS4 Pro.

  Project Scorpio Xbox One PS4 Pro
CPU Eight custom x86 cores clocked at 2.3GHz Eight custom Jaguar cores clocked at 1.75GHz Eight Jaguar cores clocked at 2.1GHz
GPU 40 customised compute units at 1172MHz 12 GCN compute units at 853MHz (Xbox One S: 914MHz) 36 improved GCN compute units at 911MHz
Memory Bandwidth 326GB/s DDR3: 68GB/s, ESRAM at max 204GB/s (Xbox One S: 219GB/s) 218GB/s
Hard Drive 1TB 2.5-inch 500GB/1TB/2TB 2.5-inch 1TB 2.5-inch
Optical Drive 4K UHD Blu-ray Blu-ray (Xbox One S: 4K UHD) Blu-ray

As you can see, Scorpio tops in every aspect of the game. The amount of deep research put behind it is overwhelming.

Hardware Aspects – How And Why


For 4K resolution, textures will be larger and subsequently, the render targets will be larger as well. Hence, more space and bandwidth are requried. For this purpose, Microsoft implemented the SoC design with AMD architecture.

The core of the Scorpio console comprises of the new System On Chip (SoC) design, which involves all the hardware components integrated on to a single chip. The SoC is the state-of-art of micro and nano technology today, and has already been implemented in the Scorpio. This architecture will allow more space to house more chips, and hence multiple GPUs and memory components. The result of that is improved frame rates, increased memory, bandwidth and higher clock speed. Scorpio has a 384-bit GDDR5 interface, that uses 12 32-bit channels, allowing the frequency to run at 6.8GHz and offering a amazingly high bandwidth of 326GB/s, thereby achieving the 4K.

Backwards Compatibility

Aside from the bandwidth, Scorpio comprises of eight cores, organised as two clusters with a total of 4MB of L2 cache. This will enable the Scorpio’s CPU to run at 2.3GHz, which is an ultimate attempt to still maintain the backwards comaptibility with Xbox One and Xbox One S while pushing up the performance limits.


Hardware Off-load

While there is a significant hardware off-loading due to the SoC, the audio processor in Xbox One is fully transplanted across to Scorpio and is set to receive support for Dolby Atmos for gaming, Dolby Atmos for headphones plus a Microsoft proprietary format called HRTF. Another advantage of hardware off-loading is the speed of instructions, that are executed. Generally, the GPU consumes thousands of instructions from the CPU on what has to be drawn on screen. With Scorpio’s hardware offload, any draw call can be executed with just 11 instructions, and just nine for a state change. This will cut the CPU render to half of its original amount. The result due to this, is greater communication between CPU and the graphics unit, enabling a smoother visual experience.

Form Factor And Cooling


The voltages of each of the chips are tuned to optimise them to reach the goals of cooling efficiencies. Adjusting the voltage would mean to get rid of the power wastage in the form of heat loss. Your system heats up due to this reason and Microsoft has found a way to cut short this problem. The technique used is called Horvis method where each chip will have a specific power profile. The usual configurations will involve adopting a single chip size for the entire circuit board. But this method involves resizing the board to match the profiles of the chips. This will reduce the dissipation of power in the form of heat and will keep the system cool.

Games Upscaling

A developer tool called PIX (Performance Inspector for Xbox) was used to run analysis on Scorpio’s GPU.  The analysis data provided by PIX was fed into a hardware emulator, which later revealed the least specifications a game requires to run on Scorpio. These results proved that games, that can run at 900p and above, can easily run at 4K. The most amazing factor behind this information, is that Scorpio’s SoC design and AMD architecture helps the existing titles to scale up to 4K performance. This means, all hardwares which fall under this category, such as CU, clock speed, bandwidth, renders, shader engines and cache size, can be tweaked and configured to meet the 4K performance.

Hence, Microsoft will be able to configure the exisiting Xbox One games to make them playable at 4K on Scorpio.

That being said, it’ll be exciting and interesting to see the stats of the final product. As mentioned earlier, Microsoft will not stop from improvising the specs until the console’s final launch.

What If I Told You, That You Can Use Bananas To Play Dark Souls 3?

What If I Told You, That You Can Use Bananas To Play Dark Souls 3?

Pen is mightier than the sword.

Bananas are mightier than the sword.

Weird, right?

The twitch streamer ‘TheSuperScrubs’ used a bizzare method of using bananas to defeat Dark Souls 3’s bosses, and later documented it on Twitter. The streamer used a banana controller, that works on the mechanism of a Makey Makey system.

The makey makey system splits every possible input signal through a miniature circuit board and directs each of those inputs to a separate fruit, thus making those fruits act as buttons. TheSuperScrubs used 10 bananas and hence 10 varied inputs, which comprise of W, A, S, D, left-click, right-click, space, left ctrl, left alt and one for the mouse’s rolling wheel.

Surprisingly, the streamer had only 16 deaths overall, while using the banana controller. It would have been harder to have lesser deaths even with the usual PC controls. As expected, the social media was skeptical about this, as people claimed that this could be accomplished only by a gamer who is good at Dark Souls 3.

Nevertheless, if it’s stupid and it works, it isn’t stupid.

Let’s just say, the streamer literally went bananas over Dark Souls 3.

5 Things You Would Have Missed In The Destiny 2’s Reveal Trailer

5 Things You Would Have Missed In The Destiny 2’s Reveal Trailer

Last week, Destiny fans got to witness the highly anticipated sequel’s new reveal trailer. While the trailer is gripping and entertaining through the end, many would have missed certain details that appear in it. To bring those moments back to you, here are the 5 things that you would have missed in the trailer.

Lord Shaxx Survived the Attack on the Last City


As seen in the picture above, the Crucible Quartermaster Lord Shaxx is being seen with the guardians surrounding Commander Zavala. It looks like he survived that last attack and has returned in the sequel to avenge the fallen.

Various Cabal Units

Destiny fans would know who the Cabal are and how they look like. But, going by the rule book to any sequel, Destiny 2 will feature new Cabal units that vary in personalities and attack style. This is an old time strategy to spice things up and introduce new enemies. One such unit looks like a hound with a shark’s head.


This freak show looks like a creation made by a super psycho maniac, who wants to mess things up among the already messed-up things.

Luckily, the next Cabal unit looks a bit sane.


It seems to pose a threat by weilding twin solar blades and has a centurion’s gear. These units can prove a real tank on the battlefield.

Ikora Rey is a Stormcaller


If you are wondering what Warlock subclass Ikora Rey is, she is a stormcaller. If she has already been one, it makes one wonder as to why she wasn’t added to the game until The Taken King expansion.

Cayde-6 Wields Ace of Spades


Speaking of the Taken King expansion, it roped in a bunch of class-specific exotics along with it. The Hunter class’ exotic is the Ace of Spades, which was originally thought to be a Cayde-6 inspired weapon. But, it appears that it actually is his weapon in the first place.

The Tower Is No More


While addressing the guardians, Commander Zavala states that the Cabal led by Ghaul have destoryed the city along with the tower. Cayde adds more information to it, that the vaults are also destroyed along with it, which means all the player items are gone too.

That being said, the guardians must form a strong army to fight against the Cabal and kill Ghaul and retake their city back from them. How the players get to do this forms the rest of the story.

Destiny 2’s Gameplay Event Will Go Live On May 18

Destiny 2’s Gameplay Event Will Go Live On May 18

Destiny 2’s domination over the video game media continues, as Bungie keeps revealing new information to the fans. Following the relatively important details, Bungie threw some light about an upcoming live event.

While the fans are relishing Destiny 2’s thrilling and hilarious announce trailer, Bungie revealed that there will be a gameplay livestream event held on May 18. The broadcast is set to focus on the variety of fun and action, the game has to offer.


The entire duration of the livestream will offer a peek at the game’s missions and how significantly the gameplay has changed since its prequel. The event will also show the huge difference in the interaction between the players and the game’s content. This is the very part, that the fans are excited to witness.

That being said, there might not be any considerable change in the gameplay, provided a few differences as stated before.

Cracks And Scams – Nintendo Switch’s Problems

Cracks And Scams – Nintendo Switch’s Problems

This week has turned out to be bad for Nintendo and its prized console, the Switch. For a couple of reasons, it looks like gamers are having a problem owning the console. So, am going to walk you down through these two reasons, that are looking to change Nintendo’s game.

While the Switch has been seeing record-breaking sales this month, the system has also come up against multitudes of complaints from the owners regarding the various defects with the hardware. This problem is being played out on Reddit, where users are posting photos of their consoles, which are literally falling apart, just within a month from its launch.

The thread in subreddit is titled as “Check the back of your Switch, cracks forming near power button!” In this thread, a reddit user by the name Chiablo, has provided some visual evidence of what happens to look like shoddy manufaturing. Chiablo claimed, that the Switch was never dropped or abused in any way. Still, a small crack on the upper right corner of the back of the console was noticed.


The thread now holds over 200 comments. While many have sided with Chiablo, stating that they have the same problem, some others feel that it is the owner’s fault for breaking the console.

This picture looks to be taken with a potato camera. The scenario is the same as those videos on the internet that claim to have spotted an UFO or pics that claim to have spotted aliens. Luckily, another user Jtobiansky posted a decent picture that depicted the similar case scenario as that of Chiablo.


But, regardless of the quality of the pictures, the fault is legitimate. The users analysed the crack and narrowed it down to two possible causes. One being the Switch’s kickstand causing the issue, while the other being due to an over-tightened screw. The users believe that this small crack might end up being a big one, later down the line if it isn’t attended to.

Though the owners have a warranty for the console, it will not be attended to until Nintendo declares this as a proper defect. We will need to wait and see how Nintendo plays itself out of this situation.

When there was this “crack” problem on one hand, there followed another problem that caused even more trouble. Gamers have found out numrous amazon third party listings of the Switch, that are proving to be online scams.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, consumers can purchase items directly from Amazon or from third-party sellers that make their items available through the online retail site. Naturally, there will be some people who will use Amazon’s system to scam people out of their money.

With the Switch being sold out easily at retailers like GameStop, it is obvious for people to go after other online sites to buy it. When it comes to online sales, gamers need to be aware of scams that are in the form of “too good to be true” prices. There have been many listings on Amazon, that claim to sell the Switch for just under a $100. If the customer is unsuspecting, it’ll look like a good offer to pass and they end up getting scammed for it. Though Amazon is constantly removing such accounts, new ones always pop-up.


Hence, customers need to be alert and aware of such scams. Scammers will sell the item well below its retail price, will not have a any positive ratings or long history of sales and will try to ship the items within a small interval. If customers are aware of this, they can avoid the scams.

Check Out The Raid Armours From Destiny’s Age Of Triumph Update

Check Out The Raid Armours From Destiny’s Age Of Triumph Update

So far, this has been an exciting week for Destiny fans, as Bungie officially announced the arrival of Destiny 2, following the poster leak. Simultaneously, the Age Of Triumph update was also released for the original game. This major content update marks the return of some of the old and famous gears and armours to the game. It also brings back the elemental primary weapons, owing to the raid challenges.

Previously, the fans got to see the concept art of the armours. Now, they can get a detailed view of every armour set.

Crota’s End Hunter

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Vault Of Glass Hunter

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King’s Fall Hunter

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Wrath Of The Machine Hunter

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Crota’s End Titan

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King’s Fall Titan

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King’s Fall Warlock

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Crota’s End Warlock

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Wrath Of Machine Warlock

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These updated armours need to be earned by the players by completing the new raid challenges. Every raid gives one particular armour set. Hence, the choice of raid and therefore the armour set, rests on the player’s decision.

Which armour do you want to go after? Comment in your choice.

Naughty Dog’s Animator Responds To Complaints On Mass Effect Andromeda’s Animation

Naughty Dog’s Animator Responds To Complaints On Mass Effect Andromeda’s Animation

Earlier, there was a lot of controversy surrounding Mass Effect Andromeda’s animations. Fans were raging over bad facial animations of the charaters in the game. Following this news, Naughty Dog’s animation executive Jonathan Cooper, weighed in on this ongoing issue. He was the designer for Mass Effect 1.

He took it to twitter with a series of tweets, suggesting fans to stop comparing Mass Effect with Uncharted. With Andromeda offering a huge magnitude of choices to make, he says there is always a trade-off between quantity versus quality.

He further added, that the designing and animation process at Bioware is huge. It seems like Bioware has tried to address every scene by hand instead of following an algorithm. This resulted in consuming a lot of time towards the end phase of the project, resulting in the bad animations and fan outrage.

However, a former employee of Bioware had given the exact reasons as to why the animations didn’t turn up well in Mass Effect Andromeda. This employee made a lot of criticism, discussing the harsh work environments and other reasons, which led to this disaster. Read that story here.

Now, the situation presents us with two scenarios; one that supports the work of Bioware, and the other that states the reasons why Andromeda’s animations were bad. Ultimately, its the fans and gamers who need to conclude on this issue.

So, whose side are you going to take?

Apparently, Tom Clancy’s The Division Has A “God Mode”

Apparently, Tom Clancy’s The Division Has A “God Mode”

For those who don’t know, a game exploit is when the bugs, glitches, game’s system or hit boxes are used by the players to their advantage. Y3kcim, a member of The Division’s official forum, has discovered a ‘God Mode’ exploit in the game. This exploit allows the players to take advantage of the system by being invincible and shooting through walls.

This discovery was made, while playing in the Dark Zone’s PvP mode. Soon after that, the player took it to the game’s forum to alert the developers about this issue. Initially, Y3kcim wasn’t able to provide a recorded evidence, that reproduced the exploit. But, fellow forum members, dub marine and CJ Fresh were able to back with a recorded footage that actually showed the exploit.

As shown in the GIF, the player’s agent is being sprayed incessantly from bullet fire, that travel through subway walls, with the assailant hidden safely in a different area in the map.

Following this post, Ubisoft’s community manager for The Division, Ubi-gabelikes, responded that the team is already aware of this exploit and the fix will be provided later this week. There is an update coming to the game on Thursday of this week, and this problem would be addressed through that update.