Sony’s E3 conference was a massive hit due to its exclusive games. One such exclusive that stood out from the rest, was God Of War. Its announcement trailer raised many an eyebrow in awe and surprise, as a result of the addition of new elements to the game.

The story goes that Kratos now lives in a distant land, away from his home. Once driven by rage and vengeance at the loss of his family, he tries to make amends with his past by raising his son Atreus. This gist aside, God Of War has roped in other features that are worth analyzing.

Atreus Is On His Own


There will be no escort missions involving the dad and the son. Atreus needn’t be looked after and won’t be a burden to Kratos. The kid will be playing an active role in the missions and will also be helpful enough to provide more options during the game.

In one of the fights, Kratos launches a flurry of axe swings at a monster but to no avail. This is where Atreus jumps in. Knowing the situation at hand, he climbs to its shoulders and distracts it from its defensive stance. This enables the axe blows to have a positive effect. However, the final blow to the monster is done by the son instead of the father. This attack isn’t automated and the player would need to take control of Atreus for that short period of time.

The “Axe” Effect


This time, Kratos has left his chain-swords behind and has adopted a mighty axe. The reason for this change of weaponry goes along with the story. Since, he is trying to make peace with his past, he decided to shed every bit of memory he had about him. The result of which is a changed personality, a full frown beard, and the replacement of the blades of Athena. Though the weapon has changed, the combat hasn’t. Kratos will not be having the same range of attack that he had with his blades. However, the axe will be helpful to land direct and effective hits.

A Nuanced World That Demands More Than Just Brawling


The trailer shows Kratos face-to-face with a giant serpent. In any other God Of War game, it would have been a straight up brawl, where Kratos will barge in with blades swinging in all directions, which will be followed by a lot of bleeding. However, in this scenario, there is a conversation between them. It looks like they both had to form an uneasy alliance for a common purpose. This is a sign that the game is going to require Kratos to adapt another strategy than the usual ‘seek and destroy’. There are going to be certain areas, where Kratos needs to navigate in a different way than just rely on his past berserker skills. But, no one knows if he would stick to his new strategies for a long time. Because, there is a saying that ‘Old Habits Die Hard’.

The Finisher Is Going To Be Done By The Player

The previous God Of War games had a cinematic moment for every final takedown or finishing blow. However, those moves didn’t require the players to smash the buttons. The 2018 version will also have final takedowns, but will require the players to do a combo skill set. There are specific keys for specific attacks and players need to combine them into a combo and perform them with right timing, to execute the finisher.

That being said, these aren’t the only new features available in the new God Of War game. There would be many more and we have to wait until the game’s release next year, to find it out.



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