Dark Souls and Destiny are well-known for their unique styles of combat and gameplay. A gamer who is a fan of both of them, would tend to imagine the resultant of a game, where Dark Souls and Destiny come together. One such game is Absolver.

So, you might ask, “What do you have to support your statements?”

Watch this new trailer.

How’s it like Dark Souls?

When you explore the ruins of the Adal empire in the game, you’ll have to come up against other players. While you engage in a fight with your opponents, the melee combat system rewards positioning and balancing stamina consumption. As you go on to win the duel, you’ll permanently receive the attack XP you earned from their fighting style, potentially learning one of their moves. But if you lose, those learned skills will float away like squandered souls.

How about Destiny?

Unlike the previous scenario, you don’t always have to fight the players you run into. Instead, you can team up together for a bigger purpose or a common goal. Speaking about “teaming-up”, Absolver has dedicated arenas for players who want to team up for PvP battles. Notice that this is a strong resemblance to Destiny’s ‘The Crucible’. On the other hand, there are co-op dungeons for players who would want to fight NPC opponents as a team. This would resemble Destiny’s ‘Strikes’. Apart from that, the trailer shows the mentor/student system. It is a way for the skilled players to teach the newbies about the game. This system already exists as a part of the Destiny community.

But, Is Absolver Unique?

The answer is yes. Though it does boast certain similarities to Dark Souls and Destiny, it’s feel and look is totally unique. The most unique of them all, is the type of combat used. It inherits many martial arts moves and the fights highly depend on a massively customizable stance-based combat system. Absolver can be listed under one of the best current-gen fighting games.

If you are looking forward to playing this game and test your kung-fu skills, Absolver will be available PC and PS4 on August 29 this year.


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