Treyarch studios…

The place that saw the development of the famous Call Of Duty games…


In recent times, the company has been sharing hints about the arrival of new DLCs for Black Ops III. These hints were backed-up by posts on Reddit, that suggested an upcoming expansion known as Zombies Chronicles.

Later, these hints and rumours were confirmed, when an early leak from the ESRB’s listing, showed a description of a new add-on for Black Ops III. This leak was unforseen and had to be taken down soon after by the officials.

But, that small gap was enough for the fans to take a screenshot of it and release it on the internet. The screenshot outlines the content of the expansion pack, and doesn’t contain any in-depth details of it.








However, another leak from a mexican retailer described the DLC as having 8 remastered zombies maps. Since, the leak went viral on reddit, it is unsure whether all the eight maps would be included in Black Ops III’s upcoming add-on.

















With all these potential information floating around the web, the next move to be made by Treyarch on this situation, is soon to be seen.


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