Game changing, right? The Rainway app will soon be available on the Nintendo eShop and will allow the Switch users to stream PC games onto Nintendo’s portable platform. The app will look to bypass the compatibility issues for streaming the PC games on the console.

The developer of the app has claimed, that Rainway comes with Directx 11 and can be used to stream PC games. Moreover, it is also said to support streaming on iOS, android, and most importantly the Nintendo Switch. However, the developer didn’t state anything with respect to the set up of the stream from the PC’s end. But, it was assured that the configuration will be an easy process.

Once the app becomes optimized for Windows 8, its services will probably be extended to consoles too. This would mean, that Playstation games might also be streamed on the Switch.


You might be wondering, if the streaming would be smooth with all the hardcore processing involved on both ends. The developer does give a bit of hope on this aspect, by stating that users streaming from a PC with more than one GPU can have one of the GPUs rendering the game, while designating the other to encode the stream. This ought to reduce the lag.

None wants to see a powerful and priceless Switch console, fly out of the window due to a lag.



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