The PTS (Public Test Server) is an amazing addition to a game’s post-launch support. It brings in new updates and fixes, which were suggested or encountered after a game’s initial release. Tom Clancy’s The Divison is one such game that has roped in an amazing feature, during its recent PTS event.

After an year from its release, the game will now boast a “loadout” feature. Initially, the inventory was pretty messed up, with all the weapons, gears and skills scattered around. Many players including me, had a lot of difficulty setting up the right combo of these items for the maximum effect. If you were one of them, you would have pulled your hair out, owing to the exisiting confusion with the loadout.

Therefore, the loadout is a welcomed feature to The Division and is now accessible only by the PC players. Since, the update arrived to the PTS, there might be many tweaks made to this feature, before it releases on other platforms. However, if you are a PC player and have access to The Division’s PTC, here is how you need to use the loadout feature.

PS:- Thank me later.

How To Create A Loadout


Start with equipping your character with the desired weapons and gears. Then, choose the best skills and talents that match with them. These items will form your loadout set. Once you’ve chosen everything you want, jump over to the loadout tab, highlight one of the six loadout slots, and choose to set the loadout. The gear, weapons, skills, and talents will populate the loadout.

How To Use Loadouts


The feature allows you to have six different loadout sets. Therefore, you won’t have any problems in picking the correct combo of the items from your inventory. You can just directly head to the loadout tab and select a particular set that you feel is needed for the situation.

In the PvP or The Last Stand arena, the action is fast paced and you won’t have time to search through the inventory to come up with the right combo. Hence, having the ability to change a character’s loadout will be immensly helpful in winning matches.

How To Update Loadouts


When you wish to change a loadout set, just equip that particular set and go to the inventory to replace the exisiting items in the loadout. Then, go to the loadout screen and overwrite the previous one.

Feel yourself at ease with this feature up and running. You no longer need to be anxious and tensed about switching between gears and weapons.




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