When two big names in the industry come together, it creates a wave of epicness. That is exactly what happened, when The Last Of Us director Neil Druckmann and Guerrilla Games’ managing director Hermen Hulst, discussed about the development process of Horizon Zero Dawn.

Horizon Zero Dawn received excellent ratings in every department and proved to be the best open world adventure game. If you had played it, you will be curious to know the making of such an awesome game. This video released by Sony, will help you understand how the game turned out to be.

Druckmann posts lot of questions to Hulst, as they talk about the difficulties that faced by the studio to make the transition from a first person shooter to an open world adventure theme. Hulst also tells about the origin of idea behind the character Aloy.

Speaking of Aloy, the character was created by the combination of the work done by three people. Her face was inspired by the Dutch actress, Hanna Hoekstra. Well, I can certainly see a strong resemblance. Aloy’s voice was given by the American actress Ashly Burch, while her motion capture was done by a parkour athlete. From these information, we can see the total effort put by the team to create a character of perfection. It represents dedication, and this dedication has been appreciated in the form of positive reviews and sales worldwide.

Coming to the game’s combat, it seems machine guns were the weapons to be used in the game. But, it was later changed to bow and arrow type of combat owing to obvious reasons. I would have been pissed off, if machine guns were actually used in the final game. It would certainly be weird, when a land filled with tribal people, would boast machine guns. Though, as per the mechanics, having machine guns are a possibility, it wouldn’t suit the story line or gameplay. Hence, the developers made the right choice of implementing bows and arrows, in the place of guns.

With Horizon Zero Dawn setting up a new bar for open-world games, all video game developers have a new challenge, to provide a better game than Zero Dawn.


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