Your first expression upon the seeing this title might be, “WHAAT!!?”

Hold on! Let me explain.

We all know, that E3 is just a couple of months away and EA is making the necessary arragements for this massive event. EA will host its own show as a part of the E3 and is looking to showcase some of the upcoming games, including the latest IP from the Mass Effect team at BioWare Edmonton codenamed ‘Dylan’.

For those of you not aware, IP’s expansion is Intellectual Property. Every newly produced game is an IP and IPRs (Intellectual Property Rights) helps to protect game data from leaking. The pubic figures who work in the game industry should comply with these terms and use the IP codename to talk about a game under production.

The IP codenamed ‘Dylan’ is under development since 2012 and until recently there were no sorts of leaks. However, we know nothing lasts long and so does the IPRs protection. In a latest report by Liam ‘Unseen64’ Robertson in his podcast, Dylan is a massive sci-fi inspired game, which will tap into the MMO-lite market, currently held by games like Destiny and Tom Clancy’s The Division.

Dylan is, from what I understand, a sci-fi themed game, it is sort of Destiny-style, takes some elements from The Division, it has like MMO elements. Someone described it as a ‘semi-MMO’.

I don’t know much more than that… it is a huge scale project, perhaps the biggest BioWare has ever done. It’s bigger than Mass Effect Andromeda, considerably so. It will have co-op.

No further details were provided by him, yet this small bit of news is good enough to break the silence to the fans. By the sound of it, it would attempt to take control of both single player gameplay and the MMO arena at the same time. With elements from both Destiny and The Division, Dylan might be the grandest game of them all.

The game will be revealed at the E3 and will be released sometime next year.


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