It is often said, that soldiers on the battlefields have nightmares about the wars. But, none would have guessed it’ll have the same effect on Battlefield 1’s players too. A quite popular glitch in the game is inflicting such horrific experiences for the gamers. It is all because of a violent plunge of a player, across the map.

Check out this gif.


Initially, the player is seen in a cloud of yellow fog. This might be due to the gas grenade. Once out of the fog, a target is seen at the top of a cliff. At the first zoom in, there is just that one target. But, at the first zoom out, another man is seen standing beside the previous one.

To clear the doubts, the player zooms in again for the second time and doesn’t find the standing man on the cliff. Then, a third zoom in finds the standing man still visible, unlike the first two attempts. But, a third zoom out pulls the targeted man straight back at the player. The target is seen shooting through the air, in an unexpected turn of events, and he stabs the player for the kill.

Any person playing this part of the game in the depths of the night, all alone, would have certainly felt an increase in their heartrates.

The simple explanation is that the figure on the ridge, lagged a bit and the server readjusted their position, but there are several inconsistencies. However, since there is no official explanation of the glitch from DICE, players are filled with doubts and questions for the frequent occurence of this glitch.

Battlefield 1’s greatest advantage over other FPS, is its visual features. DICE went to the extent of creating a mode called Fog of War, to provide a fog based gameplay experience for the players. But, many feel that DICE literally took the Fog of War to the next level by implementing scary moments like these.

Lighter moments aside, DICE has to address this glitch soon and let the players feel safe again.




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