Previously, Mass Effect Andromeda had a lot of issues in it that Bioware launched a massive update to fix them all. However, there seems to be another problem in effect, following the update. PC gamers found that the update prevents the game from launching.

The cause for the game’s starting problems is not known, and the solutions given for it on EA’s support page seems to not be of any help. For the time being, Bioware has suggested some workarounds for gamers who can’t launch the game on their PCs.


From my perspective, these pointers don’t even look like proper solutions. This is like every other tech support, who says “try switching it off and on”, when there is a problem. It looks as though, Bioware isn’t taking this situation seriously. Fans and gamers are outrageous due to this, and if a proper solution isn’t given, Bioware might even end up losing a part of their fan base.

With the game being released very recently, issues like this should have been foreseen and rectified before launching the update. Though problems are bound to happen, given the worst case scenario, it is important to provide relevant solutions and fix the crash. Let’s hope, Bioware solves it.

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