The name “Quake 3 Arena” brings back loads of memories. For many mid-aged gamers today, it was one of their favourite childhood FPS games. The words “frag”, “quad damage” and “gauntlet” became more familiar among the kids, through this game.

For those of you not aware, Bethesda is currently in the process of creating another Quake game called, Quake Champions.Recently, the company released a gameplay footage of its latest project, which features prominent competitive Quake player ZeRo4. The video is unedited and brings the gameplay, exactly as it is.

The video shows ZeRo4 playing a champion known as Anarki. Anarki is an Arena Lord from the good ol’ Quake 3 Arena. His main ability is called Injection, which allows him to heal himself and boost his maximum health. His passive ability increases his strafe-jump movement speed and mid-air control to bunny hop.

The arena used in the game is named Blood Covenant. Quake fans can notice some features that resemble designs from older maps like Campgrounds. It is loaded with vertical columns, balconies, tunnels, pillars, and a bridge that brings people together… for a frag or two, I mean.

Quake Champions will be a PC exclusive game and Bethesda released this trailer to announce the game’s first major tournament. The tournament will happen at Quakecon in Dallas. There isn’t any other detail about this tournament but it might happen soon after the game’s official release.

April 6 marks the beginning of Quake Champions’ closed beta and it will run through the weekend. As for now, Bethesda hasn’t decided on the game’s official launch yet.


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