Last week, Destiny fans got to witness the highly anticipated sequel’s new reveal trailer. While the trailer is gripping and entertaining through the end, many would have missed certain details that appear in it. To bring those moments back to you, here are the 5 things that you would have missed in the trailer.

Lord Shaxx Survived the Attack on the Last City


As seen in the picture above, the Crucible Quartermaster Lord Shaxx is being seen with the guardians surrounding Commander Zavala. It looks like he survived that last attack and has returned in the sequel to avenge the fallen.

Various Cabal Units

Destiny fans would know who the Cabal are and how they look like. But, going by the rule book to any sequel, Destiny 2 will feature new Cabal units that vary in personalities and attack style. This is an old time strategy to spice things up and introduce new enemies. One such unit looks like a hound with a shark’s head.


This freak show looks like a creation made by a super psycho maniac, who wants to mess things up among the already messed-up things.

Luckily, the next Cabal unit looks a bit sane.


It seems to pose a threat by weilding twin solar blades and has a centurion’s gear. These units can prove a real tank on the battlefield.

Ikora Rey is a Stormcaller


If you are wondering what Warlock subclass Ikora Rey is, she is a stormcaller. If she has already been one, it makes one wonder as to why she wasn’t added to the game until The Taken King expansion.

Cayde-6 Wields Ace of Spades


Speaking of the Taken King expansion, it roped in a bunch of class-specific exotics along with it. The Hunter class’ exotic is the Ace of Spades, which was originally thought to be a Cayde-6 inspired weapon. But, it appears that it actually is his weapon in the first place.

The Tower Is No More


While addressing the guardians, Commander Zavala states that the Cabal led by Ghaul have destoryed the city along with the tower. Cayde adds more information to it, that the vaults are also destroyed along with it, which means all the player items are gone too.

That being said, the guardians must form a strong army to fight against the Cabal and kill Ghaul and retake their city back from them. How the players get to do this forms the rest of the story.


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