Get These Destiny Weapons Before The Age Of Triumph Event

Get These Destiny Weapons Before The Age Of Triumph Event

With Destiny’s Age of Triumph live event just around the corner, Bungie announced that the armor and weapons at each vendor, will get their stats and perks re-rolled every Tuesday as part of the weekly reset.

These perks make some of the weapons, a must-have and can be grabbed a week before the arrival of the live event. Here is a list of weapons that can be picked up right now.

The Palindrome

Place to buy: Cruicble Master
Perks: Truesight IS, Mulligan or Spray and Play, Rifled Barrel, and Rangefinder
With hand cannons becoming the best used weapon for PvsP matches, The Palindrome is one of the most popular archetype of hand cannons in the game, that being the 22 Rate of Fire/81 Impact style. The weapon also comes with a controllable straight up-and-down recoil pattern, which is also perked.

The Wormwood

Place to buy: Future War Cult
Perks: Truesight IS, High Caliber Rounds, Hand Loaded, Hidden Hand
After the february update, sidearms have become equally powerful as the handguns. The Wormwood, in particular has amazing base stats. The perks have aided in higher aim assist, range, and the ability to make opposing players flinch, making it hard for them to return fire effectively.

Event Horizon

Place to buy: Crucible Quartermaster
Perks: ShortGaze SLH10, Grenadier or Spray and Play, Smallbore, Hidden Hand
Event Horizon is the best option for snipers who want to do a counter attack. Its perks like the ShortGaze scope and Hidden Hand increase its aim assist, making it a little more comfortable for players used to those mid-tier Impact rifles.

Angel’s Advocate

Place to buy: Vanguard Quartermaster
Perks: Red Dot-ORA2, Outlaw, Smallbore, Reactive Reload
One of the best weapons got from the Vanguard is the scout rifle and is best used for PvP and PvE. It belongs to the very rare 42 Rate of Fire/38 Impact archetype and is a very rare weapon. Reactive Reload perk grants bonus damage after a kill and Outlaw will allow players to reload quickly.

I’ve shown the route. To do the rest, is in your hands.


Destiny 2 Is Available For Pre-Order At German GameStop Stores

Destiny 2 Is Available For Pre-Order At German GameStop Stores

This past week was filled with various controversies over the poster leak of Destiny 2. Some say it was a legitimate one, while some say it is not. Furthermore, the poster had a PS4 logo on its top left corner and fans became to speculate, that the arrival of this game is confirmed and is going to be a PS4 exclusive. Bungie didn’t make any official statements or announcements about these controversies and speculations.

However, GameStop customers here in Germany, needn’t wait for further reveals. Destiny 2 is currently available for pre-order in German GameStop stores and the best part of it is, the pre-order is for PC. This small news alone is enough to destroy the speculations the playstation fans had, over the game being exclusive on PS4.

This piece of information came through a post made by twitter user SenSnowy, who shared an image of his pre-order receipt. The receipt shows, that the pre-order was made in the Hannover branch of GameStop.

This post of his reveals that, the game is a limited edition version and is set to be released on Sep 17, 2017. However, the GameStop employees told that this is just a placeholder date and the actual date isn’t confirmed.

Following up the above post, he came up with another image showing the bottom of the receipt. It looks like the other games FIFA 18, Tekken 7 and Red Dead Redemption are also available for pre-order.

Intrestingly though, following these posts, GameStop has limited the availability of the pre-orders. It can’t be said if it was the right move, provided over 100 GameStop stores are shutting down following the revenue loss.

This space will be updated if any further details are gathered. Keep track for more updates on the game.

GameStop Forecast Suggests Nintendo Switch Shortage Throughout This Year

GameStop Forecast Suggests Nintendo Switch Shortage Throughout This Year

Because of the extreme popularity of the new home/handheld Nintendo Switch console, it’s getting sold to an extent where the demand is becoming more than the production. Due to this fact, the video game retailer GameStop is expecting to run short of stock for the entire year.

In a post-earning conference call with the investors, GameStop chief operating officer Tony Bartel, stated that the Switch has made the best sales in many years and the demand for it is always on the rise. It seems they get sold out within a few hours from their arrival to the stores. Even after Nintendo, doubled the production of the Switch, it still doesn’t match the demands and is running short of supplies.

As a result, many gamers tried to import the console from abroad, making the global shortage even more. Neither the investors nor the retailers saw this coming. It was thought that the Switch would not have features, that would make it a good selling console like the Wii-U. Hence, lesser units were produced for the Switch. What turned out later, totally flabbergasted both parties.

Following this massive success, developers are trying to make games for the Switch, or make a handheld version of their previous games. Sooner or later, the Nintendo fans will up for a delight, with many unexpected games coming their way to this console.


Bungie Releases Destiny’s Age Of Triumph Launch Trailer

Bungie Releases Destiny’s Age Of Triumph Launch Trailer

Today is proving to be a exciting day for Destiny fans, as they first came up against leaked posters about the arrival of Destiny 2 and now, they come up against the Destiny: Rise of Iron “Age of Triumph” event.

Bungie has released a launch trailer showcasing information about this event, which includes updates on raids, armor sets, upgraded weapons and new takes on quests, Strikes, and more. Check out the trailer.

This event will provide the right opportunity to the Destiny fans, to end the game with a bang.

Naughty Dog’s Animator Responds To Complaints On Mass Effect Andromeda’s Animation

Naughty Dog’s Animator Responds To Complaints On Mass Effect Andromeda’s Animation

Earlier, there was a lot of controversy surrounding Mass Effect Andromeda’s animations. Fans were raging over bad facial animations of the charaters in the game. Following this news, Naughty Dog’s animation executive Jonathan Cooper, weighed in on this ongoing issue. He was the designer for Mass Effect 1.

He took it to twitter with a series of tweets, suggesting fans to stop comparing Mass Effect with Uncharted. With Andromeda offering a huge magnitude of choices to make, he says there is always a trade-off between quantity versus quality.

He further added, that the designing and animation process at Bioware is huge. It seems like Bioware has tried to address every scene by hand instead of following an algorithm. This resulted in consuming a lot of time towards the end phase of the project, resulting in the bad animations and fan outrage.

However, a former employee of Bioware had given the exact reasons as to why the animations didn’t turn up well in Mass Effect Andromeda. This employee made a lot of criticism, discussing the harsh work environments and other reasons, which led to this disaster. Read that story here.

Now, the situation presents us with two scenarios; one that supports the work of Bioware, and the other that states the reasons why Andromeda’s animations were bad. Ultimately, its the fans and gamers who need to conclude on this issue.

So, whose side are you going to take?

Ubisoft Responds To Fans’ Outrage Over For Honor’s Costly Microtransactions

Ubisoft Responds To Fans’ Outrage Over For Honor’s Costly Microtransactions

Following the recent discovery, that unlockable content in For Honor cost $700, there was an immense outrage from the players. They weren’t happy to pay a huge amount for the unlockables, when the original game itself doesn’t cost that much. A lot of criticism was thrown at Ubisoft, claiming that the company is trying to make a huge revenue out of these microtransactions.

After this rant, Ubisoft responded to the fans in a subtle way. The game’s director Damien Kieken said,

We never had an intention for you to unlock everything in the game. For us that doesn’t really make any sense. We applied RPG mechanics on top of a fighting game in a PvP environment. Let’s say in World of Warcraft, you would never try to unlock everything for all the characters. Same thing in any MOBA. We forecasted that most players would play one to three characters–and that’s what we see today in our game. Most players focus on one character, one hero, and others go up to two or three heroes. All of the design is based around that. The cosmetic items … for us, are endgame content.

Well, we got to agree that his statements make sense in a way. MOBA games work in a different manner than other type of games. The focus is entirely on action, thrill and winning, unlike the single campaigns in RPGs. That being said, it is suggested that the fans understand the genre of the game and work along with it.


New Posters Surface Suggesting The Arrival Of Destiny 2

New Posters Surface Suggesting The Arrival Of Destiny 2

Earlier today, the Xbox fans saw the leaked image of Xbox games with gold for the month of April. Later in the day, a couple of potentially legitimate posters and promotional artwork surfaced online, that revealed the arrival of Bungie’s Destiny 2.

Take a look at this pic.


This image shows the release date at the top of the poster as September 8. Apart from the release date, there are Italian words seen in the poster. One of them says, “beta in anticipio”, which means “beta available in advance” in Italian. This would mean, that the fans would able to play the game before hand, prior its official release.

As the left portion of image shows, this pic has leaked out of the Gamestop office in Italy. If fans look closely enough, there can be another Italian phrase seen which reads, “lega dei guardiani” in the lower left box, which means “alliance of the Guardians”.

Though these posters and information seem legit, the arrival of the game cannot be confirmed unless Activision makes an official announcement. But, many opinions and theorists that were formed out of this poster leak, suggest that there would infact be a sequel to Destiny. After all, Activision did say that the game’s release date will be falling later in the year of 2017.

Xbox Games With Gold For April 2017 Revealed In An Info Leak

Xbox Games With Gold For April 2017 Revealed In An Info Leak

With March reaching its end, there would be no Xbox games with gold announced. Usually, the announcement happens when the next month commences. But, thanks to a leak from Xbox Austria, fans got an early peak at some of the bigger names coming next month.

Xbox One’s launch title, Ryse:Son of Rome will available on April 1. Though, the game was developed by Crytek and was launched in 2013, the game still proves to be a good headliner for Xbox.


The Walking Dead Season 2 will arrive on March 15 and will include all the 5 episodes of the season. Coming along with The Walking Dead, is the thrid person action game, Darksiders. Unfortunately, this game comes as a standard edition and doesn’t have updated Warmaster edition, which had all DLCs and visual improvements. The final half of the month will see Assassin’s Creed Revelations become available for download.

While fans are unsure about this leak and await the official announcement, it can be said that this leak is legitimate, as it came right out of Xbox Austria office. Hence, it can be assured that these four games are up for grabs. However, the other games with gold are yet unknown. To know what those games are, we need to wait for the official announcement.

Ubisoft Announces A TV Show For Assassin’s Creed

Ubisoft Announces A TV Show For Assassin’s Creed

Many Assasssin’s Creed fans were awaiting this good news to come along and it finally has. Making a TV show based on the game sounds much better and makes perfect sense, instead of focussing on short-run movies. This would probably increases the Assassin’s Creed fan base through the TV show and also would act as a visual treat for the already existing fans.

During a recent Ask Me Anything (AMA) session, the game’s head of the content Aymar Azaizia responded positively to a fan’s question on an Assassin’s Creed TV show. He further explained, that the production process of this TV show will take a lot of time, as it is important for Ubisoft to provide a series that is worth watching. But, no other information was provided by him. Questions on the show’s actor who will play the protagonist, the in-game character of the assassin and the ancestors, were all left unanswered. Suspense and curiosity is essential for a show’s success, as the thrill will wear off, if every detail is disclosed.


Speaking about success, fans also asked if the TV show will succeed unlike its movie counterpart. The movie was a big disappointment among the fans and received poor ratings and more criticisms. Azaizia’s comments show hope, that Ubisoft is taking much time and consideration into the show, to provide a proper and a blockbuster TV series.

It is pretty clear, that the game turned a bit redundant with many sequels of it releasing on the gaming platforms. So, it is obvious the fans would expect something different out of a movie, which it didn’t. Now, with this announcement, their expectations will be even higher than ever.

Let’s hope, Ubisoft doesn’t make yet another failure out of Assassin’s Creed TV show.

This Week’s Playstation Deals Announced

This Week’s Playstation Deals Announced

Following the Xbox deals this week, Sony has launched a set of deals on the Playstation store, bringing in discounts for PS3, PS4 and PS Vita.

Here are the stand-out deals from the store.

PS4 Deals

  • God of War III remastered for $6
  • Until Dawn – $10
  • Resogun for $3.74
  • Super stardust ultra comes at $6.49
  • Helldivers for $10

PS3 Deals

  • The last of us: Left behind for $6
  • God Of War collection at $3.74
  • Motorstorm Apocalypse for $2
  • Tokyo jungle – $3
  • Uncharted 1 and 2 for $5 each

PSVita Deals

  • Rachet and Clank collection at $8
  • Hot shots golf : World invitational for $2.69

Apart from these hot deals, there are others too in the list, which can be seen and bought at the playstation store.

Go Grab ’em!