This week has turned out to be bad for Nintendo and its prized console, the Switch. For a couple of reasons, it looks like gamers are having a problem owning the console. So, am going to walk you down through these two reasons, that are looking to change Nintendo’s game.

While the Switch has been seeing record-breaking sales this month, the system has also come up against multitudes of complaints from the owners regarding the various defects with the hardware. This problem is being played out on Reddit, where users are posting photos of their consoles, which are literally falling apart, just within a month from its launch.

The thread in subreddit is titled as “Check the back of your Switch, cracks forming near power button!” In this thread, a reddit user by the name Chiablo, has provided some visual evidence of what happens to look like shoddy manufaturing. Chiablo claimed, that the Switch was never dropped or abused in any way. Still, a small crack on the upper right corner of the back of the console was noticed.


The thread now holds over 200 comments. While many have sided with Chiablo, stating that they have the same problem, some others feel that it is the owner’s fault for breaking the console.

This picture looks to be taken with a potato camera. The scenario is the same as those videos on the internet that claim to have spotted an UFO or pics that claim to have spotted aliens. Luckily, another user Jtobiansky posted a decent picture that depicted the similar case scenario as that of Chiablo.


But, regardless of the quality of the pictures, the fault is legitimate. The users analysed the crack and narrowed it down to two possible causes. One being the Switch’s kickstand causing the issue, while the other being due to an over-tightened screw. The users believe that this small crack might end up being a big one, later down the line if it isn’t attended to.

Though the owners have a warranty for the console, it will not be attended to until Nintendo declares this as a proper defect. We will need to wait and see how Nintendo plays itself out of this situation.

When there was this “crack” problem on one hand, there followed another problem that caused even more trouble. Gamers have found out numrous amazon third party listings of the Switch, that are proving to be online scams.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, consumers can purchase items directly from Amazon or from third-party sellers that make their items available through the online retail site. Naturally, there will be some people who will use Amazon’s system to scam people out of their money.

With the Switch being sold out easily at retailers like GameStop, it is obvious for people to go after other online sites to buy it. When it comes to online sales, gamers need to be aware of scams that are in the form of “too good to be true” prices. There have been many listings on Amazon, that claim to sell the Switch for just under a $100. If the customer is unsuspecting, it’ll look like a good offer to pass and they end up getting scammed for it. Though Amazon is constantly removing such accounts, new ones always pop-up.


Hence, customers need to be alert and aware of such scams. Scammers will sell the item well below its retail price, will not have a any positive ratings or long history of sales and will try to ship the items within a small interval. If customers are aware of this, they can avoid the scams.


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