Destiny 2 has hit the news at a fast rate in a short period of time, with major annoucements and rumours tagging along. The fans are up for a big inflow of information; big enough to be overwhelmed. So, let’s put them down one by one.

The first piece of information happened a little earlier today, when Bungie released Destiny 2’s launch trailer. Following the recent poster leaks and the speculations and rants that accompanied with it, Bungie decided to move forward with their marketing campaign, by putting out a release trailer.

The trailer has turned out to be thrilling and hilarious at the same time, owing to the strong contrast in speeches between the two main characters. One of them is Commander Zavala, who is a master of conviction and strong words and he wields them perfectly to stir up the confidence and morale of the group. On the other hand, we have the ever hilarious Cayde, who has no speech skill and he goes around making things funny in an attempt to motivate his men.

The story goes that the Cabal have attacked and destroyed the tower and the cities, leaving many guardians dead. The players will have to fight and take back their homeland. The trailer has neatly blended in this thin storyline, while still maintaining the entertainment factor.

Check out the trailer.

Yeah! Who would not want a big loot? The perfect motivation, we would say. We got to agree with Cayde on this one.

Anyway, moving on with the next piece of information, Bungie announced that Destiny 2 will have an expansive beta. This beta will be available to all players, regardless of the pre-order status. Hence, every Destiny player will have an access to the sequel. The retailers will provide early beta access codes, which can be redeemed on via a Bungie account. The players will be notified later via email, when the download is ready.

Bungie has no plans in making a second beta event. They are looking to meet the expectations with just this one. It is actually a good thing, that all players are allowed to play the beta. It goes to prove, that Bungie are smart in fan interactions and game support.


After Bungie released the launch trailer and made the beta announcement, they went on to reveal that Destiny 2 will be available for PC. Sweet news isn’t it, PC gamers? But, one important fact to be noticed here, is that first person shooters are easy to play on PC. This would make many console gamers shift to PC to play this game, degrading the console community. On the other hand, developers will have a problem with optimizing the game for PC and creating a balance between PC and consoles.

It remains to be seen, how Bungie tackles these situations. I’m personally happy, that the game has come to PC, regardless of the pluses and minuses it brings along.

The final piece of information is a rumour, which is yet to be confirmed. It is actually a huge leak of details on the limited and collected editions’ content details. These details came out of a spanish retail store, instead of Bungie. Retailers are doing a fine job nowadays, by letting out valuable information before a game’s launch. Earlier, we had Destiny’s poster leaks from a retailer, then we had Red Dead Redemption’s launch date leak from another retailer and now we have this…


No, I didn’t mean the Cabal, I meant the content leak.

Collector’s Edition

  • Destiny 2 game
  • Expansions I and II including quests, coop activities, multiplayer content and tons of armor and gear
  • Legendary sword DLC
  • Legendary emote DLC
  • Cabal empire emblem DLC
  • “Frontier” physical bag you can carry around with a 15″ tablet pocket
  • “Frontier” kit including USBcharger with solar panel
  • A paracord
  • A solar rug
  • Limited edition steelbook
  • Collector’s edition cabal themed premium box, including a notebook, a map, and collectibles such as postcards and “pawns from the Empire”

Limited Edition

  • Destiny 2 base game
  • Expansions I and II
  • The DLC noted in the Collector’s Edition
  • The steelbook
  • The premium box and all the stuff inside

The content leak could be false, as it isn’t confirmed by Bungie. So, for the time being, let’s act like we didn’t read it and instead bask upon the happiness of the launch trailer and the game’s PC arrival.

Phew! That was a long post to compile.


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