For Honor is a game that demands skill and strategy in defeating your opponents. But, sometimes that doesn’t work when one of the characters is overpowered. Such is the case of the PeaceKeeper.

One of the players took this issue to the MLG forums, claiming that PeaceKeeper is overpowered. Her agility combined with her light attacks, make her an unstoppable force, regardless of who the opponent is. The light attacks are easy to execute and all that is required to win, is to keep spamming those attacks. For this very reason, she is the most commonly chosen warrior by all kinds of players.

Responding to this claim, MLG said “For online tournaments, we will try running a tournament with peacekeeper banned, and then send a poll. If the community is largely in favor of banning the hero then we will do so.”

As obvious as it was, there were multitudes of players agreeing to the ban. However, there were some others too, who wanted the PeaceKeeper to be a part of the roster. The players who refused the ban, wanted Ubisoft to tweak PK’s powers, so she can be a part of the game again.

It is yet to be seen, how Ubisoft would react to this situation. There are good chances, that a future game update would bring reduction in the powers of the PeaceKeeper.


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