Earlier today, Blizzard announced the second annual Overwatch world cup. The event will take place at the BlizzCon 2017 Championship. Usually, the total number of nations that participated in the world cup was 16. Now, it has been increased to 32. This event will comprise of four stages.

Phase 1 – This phase has already begun and includes the announcement of the event itself. Apart from that, it also serves to make players around the globe aware of the event and the process to enroll and qualify for it.

Phase 2 – It’ll involve a voting process to see which players represent each country

Phase 3 – Marks the beginning of the group stage of the tournament.

Phasr 4 – Playoffs, that lead to the championship match at BlizzCon.

Currently, the top 5 teams based on the skill ranking are South Korea, China, USA, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.


Overwatch fans thought, the world cup was a one-time event that took place last year. But, Blizzard suprised them all, by bringing back the world cup this year too. It seems, Blizzard values the world cup torunament more than the league games.

However, what remains to be seen, is the voting process that will happen in the Phase 2.


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