If you are new to Destiny, you might not know that the famous Game Of Thrones actor Peter Dinklage, was the voice actor for the iconic character Ghost. However, the game’s developer, Bungie was not satisfied with his voice over and decided to replace him with another voice actor.

It has been two years, since Peter Dinklage was dropped from voicing over Ghost. Nolan North was the artist who took over the role after Dinklage left. Just as fans thought, they had heard the last from Dinklage, a Destiny gamer found an easter egg in reference to him.

The easter egg, which is a part of the Age of Triumph event, features Dinglage’s iconic line, “The Wizard came from the moon”. His voice can be heard momentarliy, before Ghost clears his throat and Nolan North’s voice takes over.

Though the fans prfer Nolan’s voice over than that of Dinklage’s, it is a good fun-addition to the new event. It will be interesting to see Bungie, rope in more hidden easter eggs in the game. With Destiny 2 officially confirmed, easter eggs will be pretty common in it, with many references to any previous event or character.


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