The Ringed City DLC is the last piece of content for the game, Dark Souls 3. While players are eager to try out the new content, there might be situations where they might not know where to begin.

There are no menu prompts for the DLCs, and have to be unlocked through a certain process. In Dark Souls 3’s first DLC Ashes Of Ariandel, players need to talk with every NPC to unlock its content. But, The Ringed City has two ways to access it.

Kiln Of The First Flame Bonfire

At the Kiln Of The First Flame area, a second bonfire will be present next to the usual one that transports players in and out of the location. Players will have to defeat the four lords of cinder to unlock this second bonfire and gain access to the DLC.

Ashes Of Ariandel DLC Bonfire

The second way to The Ringed City DLC, is through a bonfire present in the Ashes Of Ariandel DLC area. Players have to defeat Sister Friede and Father Ariandel, which is more challenging than assumed. Apart from defeating them, players need to talk to a painter in the Ashes Of Ariandel area, as a part of the normal playthrough. If both these tasks are successful, a bonfire will appear, providing access to the Ringed City DLC.

The recommended soul level for this new content is 120. So, even if defeating the Soul Of Cinder isn’t required, it is suggested that players gather some extra levels, before taking up this journey.

Good Luck!


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