Since the Switch console’s announcement, Nintendo has been saying that the Switch will receive third party support. By thrid party support, they mean that bigger games that were made by other companies, might make it to the Switch too. However, there are many games that completely skipped past the Switch and weren’t released on the console. Resident Evil 7 might end up being one of those games.


Fans have been expecting this game to arrive to the Switch, owing to its past ties with Nintendo. Most of the the game’s series were available in some form on the Nintendo. Though, the Nintendo fans had to wait a few years for certain games in the series, they did eventually come to the handheld consoles.

On the flip-side though, some Resident Evil games came to Nintendo first and became exclusives for over a decade. Resident Evil Zero is such a game that was exclusive to Nintendo, before getting released to other platforms.


Earlier, the groundwork was already made to bring Resident Evil 7 to the Swtich. At a conference in Japan, Capcom asked Nintendo to increase the RAM limit of the Switch, so that the game’s RE engine would be compatible with the Switch. Nintendo followed up with the advice by improving the RAM. However, Capcom is still in the process of optimizing its RE engine to make it easy to run on Switch’s portable and docked modes.

Inspite of all these positive signs that the game will make it to the Switch, a couple of months ago, Capcom made an outright statement that the game isn’t in active development for the platform. The reason behind this reason is still unknown.

With the current overwhelming success of the console, adding a third-party support might just slow down the sales. Fans just need to wait and see, if Capcom would come up with a plan to release the game on Switch.


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