With Destiny’s Age of Triumph live event just around the corner, Bungie announced that the armor and weapons at each vendor, will get their stats and perks re-rolled every Tuesday as part of the weekly reset.

These perks make some of the weapons, a must-have and can be grabbed a week before the arrival of the live event. Here is a list of weapons that can be picked up right now.

The Palindrome

Place to buy: Cruicble Master
Perks: Truesight IS, Mulligan or Spray and Play, Rifled Barrel, and Rangefinder
With hand cannons becoming the best used weapon for PvsP matches, The Palindrome is one of the most popular archetype of hand cannons in the game, that being the 22 Rate of Fire/81 Impact style. The weapon also comes with a controllable straight up-and-down recoil pattern, which is also perked.

The Wormwood

Place to buy: Future War Cult
Perks: Truesight IS, High Caliber Rounds, Hand Loaded, Hidden Hand
After the february update, sidearms have become equally powerful as the handguns. The Wormwood, in particular has amazing base stats. The perks have aided in higher aim assist, range, and the ability to make opposing players flinch, making it hard for them to return fire effectively.

Event Horizon

Place to buy: Crucible Quartermaster
Perks: ShortGaze SLH10, Grenadier or Spray and Play, Smallbore, Hidden Hand
Event Horizon is the best option for snipers who want to do a counter attack. Its perks like the ShortGaze scope and Hidden Hand increase its aim assist, making it a little more comfortable for players used to those mid-tier Impact rifles.

Angel’s Advocate

Place to buy: Vanguard Quartermaster
Perks: Red Dot-ORA2, Outlaw, Smallbore, Reactive Reload
One of the best weapons got from the Vanguard is the scout rifle and is best used for PvP and PvE. It belongs to the very rare 42 Rate of Fire/38 Impact archetype and is a very rare weapon. Reactive Reload perk grants bonus damage after a kill and Outlaw will allow players to reload quickly.

I’ve shown the route. To do the rest, is in your hands.


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