Because of the extreme popularity of the new home/handheld Nintendo Switch console, it’s getting sold to an extent where the demand is becoming more than the production. Due to this fact, the video game retailer GameStop is expecting to run short of stock for the entire year.

In a post-earning conference call with the investors, GameStop chief operating officer Tony Bartel, stated that the Switch has made the best sales in many years and the demand for it is always on the rise. It seems they get sold out within a few hours from their arrival to the stores. Even after Nintendo, doubled the production of the Switch, it still doesn’t match the demands and is running short of supplies.

As a result, many gamers tried to import the console from abroad, making the global shortage even more. Neither the investors nor the retailers saw this coming. It was thought that the Switch would not have features, that would make it a good selling console like the Wii-U. Hence, lesser units were produced for the Switch. What turned out later, totally flabbergasted both parties.

Following this massive success, developers are trying to make games for the Switch, or make a handheld version of their previous games. Sooner or later, the Nintendo fans will up for a delight, with many unexpected games coming their way to this console.



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