Earlier today, the Xbox fans saw the leaked image of Xbox games with gold for the month of April. Later in the day, a couple of potentially legitimate posters and promotional artwork surfaced online, that revealed the arrival of Bungie’s Destiny 2.

Take a look at this pic.


This image shows the release date at the top of the poster as September 8. Apart from the release date, there are Italian words seen in the poster. One of them says, “beta in anticipio”, which means “beta available in advance” in Italian. This would mean, that the fans would able to play the game before hand, prior its official release.

As the left portion of image shows, this pic has leaked out of the Gamestop office in Italy. If fans look closely enough, there can be another Italian phrase seen which reads, “lega dei guardiani” in the lower left box, which means “alliance of the Guardians”.

Though these posters and information seem legit, the arrival of the game cannot be confirmed unless Activision makes an official announcement. But, many opinions and theorists that were formed out of this poster leak, suggest that there would infact be a sequel to Destiny. After all, Activision did say that the game’s release date will be falling later in the year of 2017.

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