Earlier, there was a lot of controversy surrounding Mass Effect Andromeda’s animations. Fans were raging over bad facial animations of the charaters in the game. Following this news, Naughty Dog’s animation executive Jonathan Cooper, weighed in on this ongoing issue. He was the designer for Mass Effect 1.

He took it to twitter with a series of tweets, suggesting fans to stop comparing Mass Effect with Uncharted. With Andromeda offering a huge magnitude of choices to make, he says there is always a trade-off between quantity versus quality.

He further added, that the designing and animation process at Bioware is huge. It seems like Bioware has tried to address every scene by hand instead of following an algorithm. This resulted in consuming a lot of time towards the end phase of the project, resulting in the bad animations and fan outrage.

However, a former employee of Bioware had given the exact reasons as to why the animations didn’t turn up well in Mass Effect Andromeda. This employee made a lot of criticism, discussing the harsh work environments and other reasons, which led to this disaster. Read that story here.

Now, the situation presents us with two scenarios; one that supports the work of Bioware, and the other that states the reasons why Andromeda’s animations were bad. Ultimately, its the fans and gamers who need to conclude on this issue.

So, whose side are you going to take?

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