With March reaching its end, there would be no Xbox games with gold announced. Usually, the announcement happens when the next month commences. But, thanks to a leak from Xbox Austria, fans got an early peak at some of the bigger names coming next month.

Xbox One’s launch title, Ryse:Son of Rome will available on April 1. Though, the game was developed by Crytek and was launched in 2013, the game still proves to be a good headliner for Xbox.


The Walking Dead Season 2 will arrive on March 15 and will include all the 5 episodes of the season. Coming along with The Walking Dead, is the thrid person action game, Darksiders. Unfortunately, this game comes as a standard edition and doesn’t have updated Warmaster edition, which had all DLCs and visual improvements. The final half of the month will see Assassin’s Creed Revelations become available for download.

While fans are unsure about this leak and await the official announcement, it can be said that this leak is legitimate, as it came right out of Xbox Austria office. Hence, it can be assured that these four games are up for grabs. However, the other games with gold are yet unknown. To know what those games are, we need to wait for the official announcement.


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