Many Assasssin’s Creed fans were awaiting this good news to come along and it finally has. Making a TV show based on the game sounds much better and makes perfect sense, instead of focussing on short-run movies. This would probably increases the Assassin’s Creed fan base through the TV show and also would act as a visual treat for the already existing fans.

During a recent Ask Me Anything (AMA) session, the game’s head of the content Aymar Azaizia responded positively to a fan’s question on an Assassin’s Creed TV show. He further explained, that the production process of this TV show will take a lot of time, as it is important for Ubisoft to provide a series that is worth watching. But, no other information was provided by him. Questions on the show’s actor who will play the protagonist, the in-game character of the assassin and the ancestors, were all left unanswered. Suspense and curiosity is essential for a show’s success, as the thrill will wear off, if every detail is disclosed.


Speaking about success, fans also asked if the TV show will succeed unlike its movie counterpart. The movie was a big disappointment among the fans and received poor ratings and more criticisms. Azaizia’s comments show hope, that Ubisoft is taking much time and consideration into the show, to provide a proper and a blockbuster TV series.

It is pretty clear, that the game turned a bit redundant with many sequels of it releasing on the gaming platforms. So, it is obvious the fans would expect something different out of a movie, which it didn’t. Now, with this announcement, their expectations will be even higher than ever.

Let’s hope, Ubisoft doesn’t make yet another failure out of Assassin’s Creed TV show.


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