For those who don’t know, a game exploit is when the bugs, glitches, game’s system or hit boxes are used by the players to their advantage. Y3kcim, a member of The Division’s official forum, has discovered a ‘God Mode’ exploit in the game. This exploit allows the players to take advantage of the system by being invincible and shooting through walls.

This discovery was made, while playing in the Dark Zone’s PvP mode. Soon after that, the player took it to the game’s forum to alert the developers about this issue. Initially, Y3kcim wasn’t able to provide a recorded evidence, that reproduced the exploit. But, fellow forum members, dub marine and CJ Fresh were able to back with a recorded footage that actually showed the exploit.

As shown in the GIF, the player’s agent is being sprayed incessantly from bullet fire, that travel through subway walls, with the assailant hidden safely in a different area in the map.

Following this post, Ubisoft’s community manager for The Division, Ubi-gabelikes, responded that the team is already aware of this exploit and the fix will be provided later this week. There is an update coming to the game on Thursday of this week, and this problem would be addressed through that update.

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