Players who play Ubisoft’s games will know, that the company always tries to push revenue through microtransactions. Previously Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege pulled off a compelling in-game marketplace and now For Honor ropes in the same strategy. This led to controversies among the fans and one of them actually took the time to calculate the total expenses to purchase all the content in For Honor. The result was a whopping $732.

That fan who calculated it, was a redditer bystander007. Taking the in-game currency known as steel (5,000 of which retails for $4.99 USD) as the calculating factor, the redditer claimed  that it takes 91,500 steel in order to earn all the content for a single warrior. Since, there are totally 12 warriors in all, the final count of steel explodes to 1,098,000, an equivalent to 700 bucks.


The players who are looking for a work around to get all the content without going through the microtransactions, will need to complete daily orders and bi-daily contracts to amass the big amount of steel mentioned before. But, it comes at a very high cost of time. The redditer also calculated the total time required to gather all the content without doing the microtransactions. If a casual players spends two hours a day in the game, it would literally take around 2.5 years to get all the unlockable content. This is extremely long and the players will definitely not have the patience to wait for all the content.

That being said, For Honor has lost almost 50% of its player base on Steam already owing to this reason.

If you play For Honor, are you willing to spend 2.5 years for the content, or will you go with microtransactions.

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