PC gamers were frustrated over Rockstar Games’ decision to launch Red Dead Redemption only for the consoles. There was a time, when they wished that there existed a compatibility tool or a mod to play Red Dead Redemption on PC.

“Wish granted”, said the GTA V modders.

When it comes to modifications, GTA V modders are gods. We have almost seen everything come to this game, from dragon ball z, x-men, harry potter and many more. Now, this group of modders look to bring the Wild West action to the GTA engine.

On the verge of completion, this mod is aptly titled as “Red Dead Redemption 5”. Since, it is not a good idea to bring the mod to GTA Online, online multiplayer will be made available, through third party clients. Right now the team is working on cracking the code to import assets from the Xbox 360 version of Red Dead Redemption into their PC-based engine. This task would apparently take a lot of time to accomplish.


The group has to reverse-engineer the encrypted files present in the consoles, through executable files. Once they break through the encrypted files, they’ll have to hash it and re-code it.

With the beta of this mod arriving this summer, millions of players can be expected to download and play it . How excited are you, to see this happen?


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