While Mass Effect Andromeda is creating much anticipation and excitement since its release today, Bioware is in the news yet for another completely different reason. The game was in development for almost five years and it seems there is a reason behind it, as per a former Bioware employee.

The former employee from Bioware’s Montreal studio claimed that the working conditions are harsh and uncompromising and suggested candidates to avoid seeking employment in the company. Conflicts seemed to be common between the Montreal and Edmonton studios, and this clash resulted in the resignation of over 16 lead developers of various disciplines across both studios. A couple of notable personalities that departed were, the game’s director Chris Wynn and former lead writer Chris Schlerf.

This alleged employee then went on to elaborate, how the managerial conflicts within the studio are handled. It seems like Bioware Montreal would put its employees in a ‘performance improvement program’, which lead to their lay-off later on, if they didn’t adhere to Bioware’s leadership rules.


Following the explanation of the conflict issues, the employee then went on to describe the harsh working conditions. The lunch break seemed to be an absolute catastrophe and would last only 30 mins. This ultimately had a negative effect on employment benefits, which were cut if the employees stayed any longer for lunch.

The employees of Bioware were prone to harassment and retaliation as a consequence of the conflicts involved. They were at the receving end of any unfortuante incident that happens with the studio. Approaching the HR department to address this issue wasn’t an option, as all claims were either dropped or not documented.

To end things, this former employee gave the company a one-star rating and added a “not recommended” tag to it.

No wonder the game was delayed and had incomplete animations with the characters.

What are your thoughts on this?

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