All of us have seen many types of glitches across various games, but none of us have seen something like the ones produced by MLB The Show 17. The glitches made the players look like abominations right out of a horror movie.

The Sony Interactive Entertainment developers were doing a livestream, showcasing some of the core facets of the game. During the ‘graphical improvements’ section of the stream, they tried to show the hard-earned results of the game’s development, but unfortunately it began on the wrong note. While they were just trying to replicate life-like faces and facial hair styles of the MLB’s players, they ended up creating a couple of frankenstein-like monsters.

The first one may be called as ‘Coconut husk’. This one has no face and has straw like hair sticking out of every part of the head. The other one is being called as ‘Lumberface’, whose head looks like its been stacked with heaps of lumber. For some others, the second one looked like a pile of dead tree leaves stacked together.

The developers explained, that these glitches occured through normal means. They didn’t go on about volunteerly creating these abominations. The first glitch was merely a result of hair streatching over all areas it shouldn’t have, which included the face. The second glitch was unexplainable even by the devs, and it seemed like the engine went out of phase.

Despite this mishap, it can be said that these glitches won’t exist in the real game. They have been patched over a long time back, but still exist in the developmental phase of the game. However, there are many chances that several other funny glitches might turn up during the final game.

Though San Diego studios were enthusiastic in sharing the dev images and scenes to its community, the current environment surrounding this video is hostile. The fans were going nuts over these visuals. It might be good for the devs to concentrate more on the positives and release videos which they see good post glitch-checking.

With MLB The Show 17 set to launch on March 28, 2017 exclusively on the Playstation 4 platform, what are your thoughts on the game’s glitches?

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