One of the main reasons why the Hitman game is a huge hit, is because it releases as a series of episodes instead of one huge game. This model is a successful innovation made within the video games industry, which is usually more prone to short-term games accompanied by few DLCs. While the Hitman series is providing its fans with many episodes and missions to play, the person behind the chilling and composed voice of Agent 47, David Bateson, announced another exciting thing about the game.

In a recent interview, he discussed about the future of Agent 47 in the series. He said that Hitman could arrive to the mobile platform, with the Pokemon-Go type gameplay.

With virtual reality knocking on the door of game developers – who knows. Wouldn’t it be extraordinary if a single-person shooter game could use the GPS technology of Pokemon GO to develop an almost live-action version of a Hitman level, where the player had to avoid being discovered in order to get close to the target – where the target had the ability to spot you before you got too close.

It seems this concept has already been discussed to some extent at the IO Interactive office. Through this idea, the Hitman series will hope to bridge fantasy and reality by letting the players choose celebrity contracts, implementing GPS functionality and the choosing the Pokemon-Go style of gameplay.

Just by imagining millions of people flooding the streets to grab contracts and carry out assassinations, sends a pulse of excitement to the brain. Though this Pokemon GO adaptaion isn’t confirmed yet, it might be a possible future case scenario.

What are your thoughts? Do you want this to happen?

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