Recently, Creative Assembly confirmed that next real-world game Total War: Warhammer is now in full development.

In one of the forums of Total War, the company let the franchise’s fans know about many of their inside news. Of those, the most eye-catching update was that the next Total War game is under full production.

Here is what the update read.

Our next major historical release is now in full production with the game design locked and asset creation fully underway. The game retains the same strong focus on character design that infused previous major releases, with the key personalities of the period in particular being an early priority for us now; as such there are some vibrant and striking renders plastered around the studio, with eye-catching combat animations garnering some serious attention too.


There were a lot of speculations about the game, as fans theorized based on the past games in the series. When one group suggested that the game would have the same mechanics and historical localities, another group claimed it’d be a fantasy based warfare.

However, as we take a look at the trailers of Total War:Warhammer’s DLC packs, available online for downlod already, it quite seems that they just might keep the same base game mechanics, while they change the in-battle scenarios and gameplay. That being said, these are plain assumptions and fan theories. We have to wait until Creative Assembly teases the game in the near future.

As a fan of Rome: Total War, I am more excited to see how the game would turn out to be.

Are you?

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