With Ark: Survival Evolved shifting from early access to its official release, Studio Wildcard has introduced a major content update for the consoles.

Titled as ‘V255’, the update was already released for PC last month, and now it is available for all Playstation 4 players. Unfortunately, the Xbox fans have to wait a little longer to get the update. The V255 will bring in a plethora of TEK tier technology, which will include building structures, forcefields and customizable autodoors. Apart from the TEK tier, new Survivor cosmetic customizations, such as hairstyle and beard options will be available.


Above all that, the V255 update will add four new types of creatures into the dinosaur list:

  • Electrophorus BeluadomitoA species of Knifefish, that uses an electrical charge to zap its prey, bringing down smaller fish and eels.
  • Microraptor Gnarilongus – Resembling a bird with a reptilian face, Microraptor is a vicious predator that is instantly aggressive to anything its size or smaller (including humans).
  • Ammonitina Multiamicus – One of the more unique creatures of the sea, the Ammonite resembles a nautilus, only much, much bigger. For unknown reasons, an attack on an Ammonite brings forth the wrath of all neighboring sea creatures, who will fervently defend it.
  • Thylacoleo Furtimorsus – Also known as the “marsupial lion”, the Thylacoleo is a powerful predator native to the island’s redwood forests.

The update will also feature a few minor additions and fixes, such as over 30 new explorer notes, improved server performance, and an option for a per-Tribe Dino Tame limit.

It is yet to be seen, how good the final game would turn out to be when it releases. In my perspective, this game might turn out to be great in the VR platforms. Though, it isn’t a AAA game, the very idea of survival among dinosaurs with primitive weapons, would make a massive hit among children and people of all ages, when it comes to the VR.


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