GTA Online is a game that has been sticking around in the industry for quite a while, something that other games weren’t able to accomplish. The reason behind its massive success, is the extras that include contents or deals.

Unlike the global deals that target all players, some extras are available to certain GTA Online users, on a discount. This had led to many arguements and discussions on Reddit. One such case arised when Reddit user LAR6E announced, that they had received notification of a 50% discount on the Osiris, even though it wasn’t part of any of the official Rockstar sales. This post was obviously followed by supportive and frustrated comments, where a few stated about getting different deals and a few others were dissappointed for not getting any.

Speculations surfaced following the discount sales, as to why these deals target only specific individuals. A few believe, that there is an algorithm that decides which GTA Online user should be given the discount. Though this might sound logical, there are other players who received the same car they have already purchased. Hence, they might be randomly generated offers.

If you are a GTA Online player, have you received any such discount offers?

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