With Uncharted:The Lost Legacy scheduled for a release later this year, its developers Naughty Dog decided to give the fans a better idea on the game’s localities, through a series of concept art.

Courtesy of Game Informer, these images are a representation of areas or places, that the game’s main characters Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross will come across, on their journey to find the Tusk of Ganesh. Most of the depictions are based out of the Western Ghats in India, where the entire game is set. Though the scenes in the pictures look calm and serene, one should always expect the nail-biting adventure sequences that the Uncharted series always offers.

The story of the standalone DLC is tied to the culture and stories of the Hindu gods, and the empires that existed back then. All Hindus know how Ganesh lost his tusk and the reason behind it. Adapting this fact into an adventurous hunt, is a creative plan made by Naughty Dog. The very thought of Chloe going on the search for the tusk, brings back many memories of the famous Hindu mythologies and the stories related to it. One might actually assume, that the developers could have roped in pieces of history from the epic myths and forged them into the present day scenario, making an “out of the world” plot.

How excited are you guys for this DLC?


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