Though Mass Effect Andromeda’s official launch in on March 21, Xbox owners can get their hands on the game this weekend itself.

Available through the early access, the game will run for a total of 10 hours and lets the players to experience single player campaign and multiplayer mode. The single player campaign is limited, while the multiplayer can be playes as much as possible within those 10 hours.

While the early access was already creating some attention among the gamers, Mass Effect Andromeda received a multiplayer app. Called Apex HQ, the app tracks progression in the multiplayer mode and displays information about unlocked characters, items and rewards. All the widgets on the home screen can be customized. Hence, they can be sorted out based on priorities and importance.


The app can also be used to choose a loadout, which will appear the next time it is logged in. Moreover, the current leaderboards can be surfed through to see where a player stands among a community.

Meanwhile, Mass Effect Andromeda received a multiplayer trailer too. The trailer shows 4-player co-op gameplay that involves fighting waves of enemies of varying difficulty, earning XP and Credits, and then building characters stronger through weapon, mods, and ability upgrades.

Many claim that the action sequences in Mass Effect Andromeda, look similar to that of Mass Effect 3. Bioware replied, that Andromeda has received the same gameplay treatment like Mass Effect 3, owing the immense reception from the fans for the latter. A few other fans questioned if the multiplayer scenarios will be tied up to the single player campaign, for which Bioware remained silent.

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