While most games are easy to understand and play, there are some others which are hard to play with the complexity involved with the controls. For Honor is one of such games. It requires a lot of practice to perfect the timing with the blocks and attacks. As a consequence, impatient gamers tend to cheat in many ways. One such way is called AFK farming and For Honor is filled with players who do this practice.

AFK (Away From Keyboard) farming involves gaining rewards and XP by remaining AFK, but actually tricking the game’s system into thinking that they aren’t. As per the game’s system, if a player is detected to be not moving or being inactive for a particular period of time, they are kicked out of the game.

Hence, to avoid that and to rake in rewards and XP at the same time, players practice the AFK farming. For example, some players tied rubber bands to their analog sticks, to keep their character in constant movement, thereby tricking the game to think that they are actually active.

Amidst all of this, Ubisoft figured it out and went on to ban such players. So far, around  1500 players have received bans, while 4000 more have received warnings. Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan, has supported Ubisoft’s move, telling that games shouldn’t be abused in such a way and necessary action has to be taken against the players who do it.

What are your thoughts on such players? Has Ubisoft done the right thing to ban the cheaters? Comment in your thoughts

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