Just a couple of weeks from its launch, the Nintendo gamers have found a way to hack into the console system. The methodology used is a simple browser exploit, that was previously used to hack into the Apple iOS 9.3 devices.

The iOS hacker qwertyoruiop and fellow hacker LiveOverflow have the done this job as a team. Once the jailbreak was confirmed, a proof for this concept was posted online, allowing other gamers to break into the console.

This hack doesn’t let the users apply unofficial codes to modify the entire system. This means, they can’t change the way Nintendo Switch works. However, it does allow hackers to examine the console’s operating system and internal code, which may eventually lead to more hacks in the future, including some that could compromise the way the console works.

Check out LiveOverFlow’s video.

The bigger question is, how is the same exploit used to hack iOS existing now? Well, it seems Nintendo has implemented an outdated webkit with an HTTP codebase necessary for the console’s WiFi network. This codebase was patched by iOS after it got hacked. But, Nintendo was still using an older version.

That being said, Nintendo will soon be looking to patch its codebase to prevent further hacks.

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