Online shopping is the trend of this decade. This trend has created a lot of competition between stores, when it comes to sales discounts, prices and shipping time. One of the stores that got caught in this competition and felt its wrath was, GAME. A few years back, this competition made them close over 277 of their stores in the UK alone. Hence, to make a comeback and to stay in the race, GAME has considered implementing one of Amazon’s methods.

GAME will begin to offer paid monthly and annual subscription services. They sent a survey across the UK, requesting information from the people, about the amount they are willing to pay for the subscriptions and the benefits they expect out of them. The benefits were pointed down as a list for the people to choose from.

Here are the suggested benefits,

  • Reward account will be credited with a certain percentage of points depending on how much is spent on software, hardware or accessories (including mint and pre-owned)
  • Reward account will be credited with a certain percentage of points relating to the value of trade-in items
  • Extra Reward points given if a purchase is made around your birthday week
  • Monthly offers such as bonus point promotions, exclusive access to content, early access to sales and in-store events, free digital content, free physical products (e.g. merchandise)
  • ‘Value guarantee’ to ensure that if you receive fewer points than you have paid into the program, your account is credited with the difference in points
  • Free, tracked or upgraded (e.g. 2nd to 1st class) delivery
  • Discounts on DiscCare and GAMEcare
  • Discounts on Insomnia tickets
  • Discounts on other events organised by GAME

People can choose various combinations of benefits from this list and based on their selection, the subscription pack varies.

That being said, it is safe to say that GAME has made the right move in its dire situation. With Amazon, gaining a lot of subscriptions for its PRIME version, the same methodology might save this company from getting lost in the race.

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