Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands holds many enjoyable and adventurous moments along the road to exterminating Bolivia’s notorious drug cartel. With the game’s recent release, there are quite a handful of things that the players must know to have an immersive experience.

Don’t Forget The Drone


Ghost Recon Wildlands doesn’t make drones, a mandatory tool to be used. Hence, many players tend to forget its existence all along the game. Using a drone, helps to plan an infiltration attack. Players can strategize their next move, while it scouts around the area spotting enemies and their locations. It also has an optional upgrade of improved battery life and range, which can be used to spy on large enemy zones. Moreover, this little gadget is invisible to the opposition unless it shows itself right before their faces.

Vehicles Have High Endurace


Some players would be afraid to take a drive down the rocky paths, hill slopes and disfigured shortcuts, thinking their stolen vehicle would be damaged. But, that’s not the actual case. These vehicles have a high endurance capacity and will live through almost anything except for gunfire. Even for the gunfire to have an effect, atleast two sets of magazines have to be emptied on them. Hence, don’t be afraid to take your machine for a ride.

Keep Your Eyes On The Minimap


Minimaps show enemy outposts clearly marked on the tiny GPS in the bottom right corner. Hot red and yellow areas are regions that represent enemies, though their exact locations will not be known until the drone is used. The minimap is also great for spotting incoming reinforcements. Members of the cartel are indicated as red, while members of the corrupt Unidad police force, appear as purple.

Go Prone


By holding the crouch button for longer than a couple of seconds, the ghosts can go prone. Aided with proper planning, the prone ability can be used to do assassinations and kills without exposing the ghosts. It is most effective in highlands and tall grasses. Make the most of this ability.

Act Like A Ghost In The Dark


As ghosts, they need to act like one during nightfall and this is where the night vision comes into play. While planning an attack in the dark, it is important to use the night vision to locate and take out the enemies. It is used to kill them while being unnoticed, moving around silent as smoke.

Command The Squad


Rushing into an enemy area will result in the suicide of the entire squad. Ghost Recond Wildlands is a game that promotes team work and strategy instead of arcade gameplay. It’s best to take the time to send the squad mates to specific spots and guide their movements before getting killed while the enemy becomes alert. Therefore, be sure to issue out orders to the fellow ghosts based on the plan of attack.

Make use of these tips and apply them to get the best experience out of Ghost Recon Wildlands.


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