As mentioned in an earler post, Middle Earth Shadow Of War has recieved a 16 minute gameplay walkthrough. The video explains the game’s Nemesis system, Talion’s objective and the orcish warlords.

But, before we get to the gameplay video, let’s talk about the Nemesis system. Back in Shadow Of Mordor, the Nemesis system created randomly generated orcs, who grew in strength and status every time they’ve won a fight. Over the course of the campaign, an early-game grunt can evolve into a hated or respected adversary. Shadow Of Mordor didn’t have any real home for the orcs. Whereas, in Shadow Of War, each of the locations on the map will have fortresses which are ruled by orcish warlords. Each warlord will oversee two warchiefs guarding the fortress and rallying their hordes.


The randomization made by the Nemesis system, doesn’t create orcs who look similar to each other or have similar battle styles. Instead, it creates unique personalities, battle styles and weapons, while plotting down a separate storyline for them. Such, is the power of the Nemesis system. Each of the orcs will have a background of their own, which will branch out to the roots of the decisions made by Talion. This concept applies not only to the adversaries, but his allies too.

Yes, that’s right. The sequel will present the Uruk orcs joining Talion as his minions. He has three allies as per the start of the gameplay. One is Ragdug Iron Mount, who has armored cavalry that can charge through flames or artillery fire. The next one is Az-Laar, known as the Demolisher. The Demolisher acts as a battering ram with exceptional size and strength. The thrid is Mozu Deadeye, who is a sharpshooter with bow and arrows. With these three allies and other orcish minions, he has to conquer the misty peaks of Seregost.


The story has the protagonist Talion, a ranger seeking revenge for his slain family. In course of time, he inadvertently fuses with Celebrimbor, the ancient Elf phantasm represented by a white ghost present inside Talion. With the possession of the Ring Of Power, which boosts all of Talion’s abilities including the Domination, he gathers an orcish army of his own to take down the Uruk overlord of Seregost. One of the objectives is to conquer Seregost and overthrow Ur-Hakon, the warlord.

Bridging the Nemesis system and the story, is the gameplay. It contains a flavour of Assassin’s Creed-type movement and fighting systems, peppered with Prince of Persia environmental systems. Talion holds his sword, along with Celebrimbor’s bow and axe. Using the latter’s abilities, he can jump atop the walls and invade the fortress. The defence of the first fortress are archers with fire arrows, who prove to be no match for him and his allies. But Storm Bringer, the warchief of the fortress posseses the curse of Sauron, which nullifies Talion’s Ring Of Power. Hence, the only way to take him out is, by being conventional.  Once the Storm Bringer is taken out, the curse is released and the other minions become easy to kill.


The gameplay also shows the full use of the Ring Of Power, as Talion takes control of the second warchief, Tugog and uses him to attack his own minions. Once infiltrating the fortress, he releases the chained dragon, dominates it, take over its mind and rides it into battle. These special scenes were quite astounding in the video. Apart from the domination ability getting buffed, it can also be seen that Talion can freeze time, while he attacks multiple enemies. This power comes quite handy when there a lot of small fries to take care of. However, he can also do an instant teleportation directly to a target and do a quick assassination.

Enough said, take a look at the video.


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