When it comes to sharp eyed discoveries and unveiling secrets, gamers are better than detectives. After one of the reddit users found the translations to the mysterious language of Sheikah in the game Zelda Breath of The Wild, another reddit user by the name ‘red_badge_of_derp’ came about with another discovery in the game Mass Effect Andromeda.

Recently, Mass Effect Andromeda’s golden worlds trailer was released by Bioware. At the 2:10 minute mark, she refers Habitat five to be the suitable place for a “certain” colonits. This was very unclear to many listeners. However, the aforementioned redditer used keen hearing senses to discover who Suvi was refering to. She seems to have quoted,

For our Turian and Quarian colonists, Habitat Five appears to be a perfect home for dextro-protein life


Quarians are an important race in the Mass Effect Trilogy and they were the once who created Geth. They are a stateless species who are stuck to a migrant fleet, looking for a place to inhabit. With Andromeda starting before the events of Mass Effect 3, it is quite possible that Quarians are involved in this upcoming game.

Though this is just a discovery made from the trailer, Bioware is yet to officially announce the presence of the Quarians in Mass Effect Andromeda.

Only time will tell.

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