Mads Mikkelsen has taken his acting career to the next level by becoming a part of Death Stranding. But, starring in one of Hideo Kojima’s games doesn’t seem to be an easy task. They often comprise of complicated storylines and Death Stranding proves to be nothing different.

At the Saudi Comic Con 2017, Mikkelsen admitted that he didn’t completely understand the game’s story. It seems he wasn’t able to catch up with the elaborate explanation of the plot by Kojima.

Here is one of the videos from the Comic Con. Skip to the 21 minute mark, to hear his statement.

His claims are understandable, as even the fans had a hard time figuring out what was going on with the game.

While it seemed impossible to retrieve any other detail about Death Stranding, Mikkelsen revealed yet another vital information in the same Comic Con event. After answering one of the queries from the audience member, he went a step ahead to correct him and said,

No, I’m not a villain. I am a character in there that you can kind of decide what he is, but he’s not a villain.

Now, this little piece of information was enough to trigger the curiosity among the fans. After having played some of the infamous villains in his movies, he is now playing a character who is not a villian. Speculations brewed around this point of statement, where a few claimed that he is a neutral character working on his own terms, while some others think he works for the game’s main antagonist.

Though these were very minute specifics about Death Stranding, it surely is something than nothing, for the fans who had no idea what the game was about.

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