Earlier, Ubisoft announced that a new pair of heroes will arrive for the second, third and fourth faction war seasons. Though an official announcement hasn’t been made yet, a couple of images have leaked online on Reddit, which show who those two heroes are.

The images show texts written in German (because I know the language), which might suggest that they could have leaked out of the Mainz office. The placeholder texts in the images, that describe the role and difficulty level of the heroes, is being filled with their class name and “Scrubmode” instead. Hence, it looks like these heroes are still in the works and will not be out soon.

Let’s save the curiosity levels and get to the point. These are the two classes of heroes that were leaked.



The arrival of the ninjas was already expected, owing to the fact that they are the eternal rivals to the Samurai in the real world, which dates back to the 14th century. Japan had many civil wars because of them battling each other for supremacy. However, in the present day of Japan, both swordsmanship (Samurai) and ninjutsu (Ninja) are being taught among 9 schools under the common sport of Bujinkan Budo. 6 of them are samurai schools and 3 of them are ninjutsu schools.

Put aside those extra special information, the ninja present in the image can be seen holding the kusarigama. They are sickles attached to weighted chains, making them a deadly weapon involving distant attacks by swinging. Watch the movie ‘Ninja Assassin’ to understand about this weapon. That movie showcases the protagonist Raizo, using the Kusarigama to the fullest extent.

The image also shows the Stealth feat being selected. Just like the Peacekeepers, Ninjas can blend in with the crowd and sneak into attacking positions. With the Kusarigama, Ninjas will be a deadly opponent at the medium range, causing all sorts of troubles for opponents with smaller blades.

Moving on to the next hero…



If there are Knights, there definitely have to be Centurions. They are the Knights’ Roman counterparts, whose armor and skills are equally matched. The image doesn’t reveal anything about the hero’s weapon. Taking from the history books, Centurions do hold large rectangular shields. The weapons they carry may differ between a sword or a hoplite spear. Weapons aside, the bounty hunter passive feat can be seen selected. This means, the Centurion will gain bonus health and stamina everytime he kills a hero.

All these theories and speculations are based on the leak on Reddit. It can not be assured that these two classes will enter the DLC. Official confirmation from Ubisoft has to be awaited.


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